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“Mosque and Desert Safari” Wanderingblonde’s photos around Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Preview of Wanderingblonde’s blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Entry Title: “Mosque and Desert Safari” Entry: “Cynthia and I began the day with the 10 am tour of the humongous, new Sheik Zayed Mosque, which just opened in 2007 and is the eighth largest mosque in the world, with the capacity to accommodate 40000 worshipers at once. Female visitors are required to wear abayas and head scarves to enter the mosque, and can borrow these for free. My outfit, which consisted of a dress with a hemline just below the knee and a cardigan that came to my elbows, must have been extra scandalous because I was stopped at the first abaya stand just outside the parking lot. Other female tourists were stopped at a second table closer to the mosque. It appeared that male visitors were allowed to wear whatever they wanted, including ripped short and t-shirts. Putting the abaya on was transformative. It looked and fit like a graduation gown. I was instantly hot and less able to use my peripheral vision. While I’m sure many women wear abayas made of silk and other nicer fabrics, this was definitely polyester and must be nothing short of hell to wear in the warmer months. I wonder if it would be possible to rig a fan under there like some Disney characters have inside their plush costumes. Temperature issues aside, I have to admit

Bebe Summer 2009 Safari Photo Shoot behind the scenes video shot for Fashion TV. Photography by Giuliano Bekor, shot with top model Diana Moldovan and African wild animals. VISIT OUR BLOG AND FOLLOW US ON TWITTER!!!: FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: @giulianobekor

EriAm Sisters – open air concert during Africa trip May 2011

In this video the sisters are singing a classic song in Tigrinia language that is very popular in Eritrea – East Africa. You can hear the crowd more than the sisters. This is one of the many concerts they gave while in Asmara where the girls are extremely popular.
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This is a video of a medical relief trip by Riverside doctors from Columbus , Ohio to the Central African Republic. Another trip is scheduled for August 2011. We are seeking tax deductible donations. the following Paypal link can be used:
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