EriAm Sisters – open air concert during Africa trip May 2011

In this video the sisters are singing a classic song in Tigrinia language that is very popular in Eritrea – East Africa. You can hear the crowd more than the sisters. This is one of the many concerts they gave while in Asmara where the girls are extremely popular.
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This is a video of a medical relief trip by Riverside doctors from Columbus , Ohio to the Central African Republic. Another trip is scheduled for August 2011. We are seeking tax deductible donations. the following Paypal link can be used:
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  1. wegahta says:

    I enjoyed all of ur concerts during that week. keep it up girls!!

  2. BahreNeGash says:

    A new generation from diaspora rocking a new nation to it’s feet, this got to be special.
    WOW Girls, You are a phenomenal.
    You will remain SPECIAL across two continents
    Thank you for rejoicing my people with your beautiful talents!!!

  3. grAffitiMUSIC16 says:

    that’s beautiful♥♥

  4. CoconutIsle says:

    hey girls yall hair looks great, my aunt has a hair salon in Eri and she is great…you can also book massages ;9 you can find her at tiravolo (red oven).

  5. supersingingfreak says:

    They sound really good live :)

  6. tmcclou4 says:

    still amazing,still beautiful,still so very talented and still my favorite female guys make me smile every time i see yall perform,cause i know yall do a very outstanding job and i love your voices,keep making people smile especially me.

  7. memphisgirl856 says:

    yay wish it was the whole performance but this was amazing only if i understood

  8. madysonmakalani says:

    WOW! whatta crowd! luv u guys!

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