Toto – Africa (HQ Audio)

Toto Africa video, resolution 320×240; audio 128 kbps
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. dianafabaz says:

    hijo de la gladis

  2. robertoamor2011 says:

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  3. Ellofwenz says:


  4. martytreble says:

    @showoff922 I know I’m not. That’s the point of my stating the obvious and your stating the obvious. What we do with that is up to our willingness to call it out. Do you want to call it out?

  5. martytreble says:

    @antreil yeah, I get that. Did the director of the video get that?

  6. poisonpushpop says:

    Dayum Africa… lool

  7. daneisasexybeast says:

    how could you not like this song?!?!?

  8. 13640 says:

    so many memories. so many!

  9. PhooBoy says:

    This is the quintessential musician’s band that just happened to know how to write a great song that relates to the masses. Not many of these types of bands anymore. Good stuff, this.

  10. LeglessCurtain says:

    #108- Top Favorited (All Time) – Mexico???

  11. KCspur92 says:

    @ionicllama Lol, well, he hasn’t been Africa, but he’s been to Taiwan.

  12. EdBrew51 says:

    three millions views are mine

  13. msanthropez says:

    Zachary Galifianikis will never have to buy a vowel. ( He does not like people who worship him ) so I try not to worship him

  14. fireman66767 says:

    I love pizza!!!

  15. msanthropez says:

    Zachary Galifianakis will never have to buy a vowel. ( He does not like people who worship him ) so I try not to worship him

  16. FissMaister says:

    Zach Galifianakis
    RULEEZ !

  17. AngelaTheTrombonist says:

    our music teacher at school is getting is to sing an acapello version of this, similar to the version that perpetuum jazzile performed :)

  18. assonflames921 says:


  19. otterseventynine says:

    I didn’t know Billy Jean K
    ing played drums for Toto…

  20. olkomat1 says:

    push play, let it all load, then keep pressing 7 hahaha XD

  21. Cokeylata says:

    @MaddDogg81 High five!

  22. Assassins5Creed says:


    after 30+ years still listening, many fans around the world
    let’s see 30+ years from today… where will be the justin brieber and lady gaga fans?< losers

  23. PunkApostle says:

    @wonderboytubes Scrubs was the best show on tv ever

  24. XiaoXiaoMan1123 says:

    @IvanDaGreat95 Welcome to the internet. Population: TROLOLOLOLOLOL

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