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Question by jskijessi: africa………?
A Zimbabwean man during this time of European imperialism said the following:

“When you [Europeans] came, you had the Bible and we [Africans] had the land.
Now, we have the Bible and you have the land

what do you think he means and describe what he implies about the impact of missionaries on Africa.

thanks a lot

Best answer:

Answer by E14
Europeans used religion to control Africans and distance themselfes from their traditions which were the oldest in the world then colonized Africa. Now many Africans follow their religion and Europeans still to this day own the most best suitable lands in Africa

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Africa and the Internet: a 21st century human rights issue?

Africa and the Internet: a 21st century human rights issue?
African leaders could allow freedom of expression, or they could mimic the Chinese model of building a ‘Great Firewall of China’ to shut down Internet systems that allow critical thinking.
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