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Obama daughters Malia, Sasha get rare spotlight on Africa trip
CAPE TOWN, South Africa — A weeklong trip to Africa with their mother has offered a rare look at Malia and Sasha Obama, sisters who are largely kept out of public view.Malia, who enters her teenage years when she turns 13 next month, and Sasha, her 10-year-old sibling, have been two steps behind first lady Michelle Obama on practically all her stops in southern Africa this week. It has given …
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South Africa trip offers rare peek at Malia, Sasha
A weeklong trip to Africa with their mother has offered a rare look at Malia and Sasha Obama. It has given both the American and African media a long look at the sisters whose private lives their parents have tried to keep private.
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Africa: ‘DStv Eutelsat Star Awards’ Launched to Promote Science, Technology in Continent’s Schools
With a shared vision that education is a key driver for the development of Africa’s social and economic landscape, MultiChoice Africa and Eutelsat Communications, supported by Mindset Learn, have assembled their expertise to initiate a pan-African student competition called the “DStv Eutelsat Star Awards”.

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Scottsdale panel OKs Phase 2 for Safari Drive condos
Planning Commission endorses higher building height, greater density for complex along canal.
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Grrr! Lion spotting resumes – New buses for zoo safari
Bhubaneswar, June 24: The lion safari at the Nandankanan zoological park today reopened with a new operator employing three new buses to ferry visitors.
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Kenya: Sky’s the Limit for Khalid After Impressive Safari Show
After impressive show in the just concluded 59th KCB Safari Rally, Naveed Khalid, the youngest driver from Coast and the only Formula Two representative from region, has set his sets on bigger things.

About Planning 4×4 South Africa Tours

When you are talking about going on a 4×4 South Africa trip, you need to keep a number of things in mind. South Africa is not like a wide range of other countries. It can be very tough and unwelcoming for a foreigner in the bush. South Africa has one of the biggest variety of venomous snakes and spiders in the world and is the place to find the Black Mamba – essentially the most dangerous snake on the planet. You have to be careful if you are planning a 4×4 South Africa trip.

One thing to think about is when to go. This really is dependent on where you wish to 4×4 South Africa. Some regions of the country have moist winters, others have moist summers.

If you are planning to go to the west coast, your best bet will be spring. The western coast has a wet winter and there is some serious fire warning weather during summer time and autumn. Spring is most likely the best as you will only be exposed to the occasional shower and the ground remains wet enough to discourage fires from taking hold.

The higher areas of the plateau have got hot dry summers and hot wet springs and dry cold winter seasons. The best if you’re intending on going into the Highveld would be autumn, just when everything is cooling down for winter and in addition the rain has left for the year.

The east coast if relatively temperate, but it does have a generally humid and wet environment. More rain falls throughout summer, but winter showers are proven to happen too.

The next matter to consider is how difficult you would like your 4×4 South Africa visit to be. South Africa is a pretty mountainous country and offers many levels of difficulty. The particular level you select will be determined by just how much 4×4 travelling you’ve already done. It might be a good idea to hire a 4×4 at a tour agency and get them to inform you of a route that you’d be able to handle.

Also make sure that you take all the necessary equipment along with you. You should take ample supplies of food and water as well as fuel and also camping equipment. Another key device is a GPS. You don’t want to get lost in the African wilderness, as I previously mentioned, it is not the most hospitable environment for any foreigner.

A 4×4 South Africa trip can be a lot of fun and it is designed for excitement. But you have to make sure that you know what you are doing to avoid getting oneself into difficulty with nature. You also have to investigate the weather patterns to discover a climate that suits you and will help make your trip as comfortable as possible. A good suggestion is to find a 4×4 tour agency and enquire of them for advice on when you should go to what areas of South Africa and exactly what degree of trail you need to follow, you can even rent a 4×4 from them to undertake the trip in.

For more information on 4×4 south africa, go to

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wildlife photography?

Question by Toby: wildlife photography?
what is a good good to do with wildlife photography that allows you to travel
what is a good job to do on the side with wildlife photography in order to make it as a pro

Best answer:

Answer by Pooky
Can’t understand your question the way it’s written.

If you’re asking what job will pay you to do this–you had better be a good wildlife photographer. The hardware is very expensive–one of those lenses costs as much as a used car.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Uniforms for work

I work in a pharmacy, so I don’t have to worry about dressing up for work, which is nice.  We have to wear scrubs.  However, I got really tired of the boring, tacky and ill-fitting scrubs that I could find at the local uniform store.  Even though we have to wear these uniforms, I still like to look cute at work!

I was also tired of paying the outrageous prices at the local uniform shop!  I have major sticker shock every time I go into one of those places!  Not to mention that fact that they have very limited prints.  I like to be unique and have my own individual style, instead of being dressed like everyone else!

I was so excited when I found! Their scrubs are great!They have lots of different patterns, a wide range of sizes, and styles.  I am able to find scrubs that are flattering, comfortable, and fit me well!

So, if you wear nursing scrubs for work like me, you should check them out!  They have great prices and great selection, all for the super cute scrubs that you are looking for.  You wont be disappointed in Blue Sky Scrubs!


Home Wet Home

We recently got back from a trip to South Africa to find that our washing machine hose broke and their was water damage everywhere.  The guy watch ing our place while we were gone left a note that the water was almost a foot deep the day he walked into the house.  Living in Austin, you can imagine what kind of stink was in the house.

If you have any water damage tips austin let me know.  I imagine it will take the rest of the summer to get the house back into order.  The only good part was  that the guy watching the house caught it and was able call a water damage specialist austin and get most of the water up pretty quickly.  He also bumped the AC on to pick up a lot of the moisture that was still left – so we had little to no mold.

The company that did the job was referred by a friend.  They are rated high and one of the best in the Austin.  If you need some help with water damage – give them a ring.  You can find them at  The company is called The Steam Team.



The First Footsteps In East Africa

The First Footsteps In East Africa

By the side of the camels ride my three attendants, the pink of Somali fashion. Their frizzled wigs are radiant with grease; their Tobes are splendidly white, with borders dazzlingly red; their new shields are covered with canvass cloth; and their two spears, poised over the right shoulder, are freshly scraped, oiled, blackened, and polished. They have added my spare rifle, and guns to the camel-load; such weapons are well enough at Aden, in Somali-land men would deride the outlandish tool!

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Latest Safari News

iOS 5 could fix some slow Web apps
A Hacker News comment indicates that Web apps launched from iOS home screen will get the same Nitro speed boost that apps launched from within Safari already got.
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Zoobic Safari: 50% OFF on Exciting Day Tour Adventure
Today’s Deal: Only to P220 for an Exciting Zoobic Safari Day Tour Adventure (valued at P449) Save P229! DetailsVoucher valid from June 25 until December 25, 2011. Price is Net (includes VAT). Buy as many vouchers as you want. Voucher is transferable and can be given as gift to family and friends. HighlightsOnly Tiger Safari nationwide. Touch-friendly exotic and farm animal. Visit major attract…
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Investing with gold

With the recent turbulence of the stock market, I decided that it was time that I looked to diversifying my portfolio. One of the options I decided to look into is gold coins and gold bullion.

At the beginning, I was a bit skeptical, and didn’t know anything about investing and saving with gold and bullion.  But, I did my research and liked what I saw.  After looking at how well gold has done in recent times, I felt confident about my decision to buy gold bullion and coins.  Looking at the prices of gold as it continues to rise, I feel that my investments will flourish.

I had no idea that you could save for retirement with gold, too!  There is such thing as a gold IRA and a gold 401k.  You can use these options to add gold to your retirement portfolio!  Even when other stocks are decreasing in value, gold seems to rise, making it a great option for retirement accounts.

If you are interesting in an effective way to save for the future, you may want to buy bullion.  Consult your own financial planner for the options that would best suit your portfolio.