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The Rough Guide First-Time Africa 2 (Rough Guides)

The Rough Guide First-Time Africa 2 (Rough Guides)

“The Rough Guide First-Time Africa” tells you everything you need to know before you go, from visas and vaccinations to budgets and packing. It will help you plan the best possible trip, with advice on when to go, what not to miss and how to avoid trouble on the road. You’ll find information on what tickets to buy, where to stay, what to eat and how to stay healthy and save money in Africa. “The Rough Guide First-Time Africa” also includes insightful profiles of 53 countries, from Algeria to Zam


Out Of Africa – On Safari

Highlights from my safaris in South Africa. Featuring the Big 5, minus the Cheetah, Kruger National Game Park, Zambia, Botswana & Chobe National Park. If you’ve ever thought about going- do it, it was simply magical. 


Here’s looking at you

Ok, now admit it, we are all guilty of it, or at least have been guilty of it at least one time (probably more) in our lives. We stare, yes, yes we do. We are simply wired that way! You see a gorgeous, jaw dropping Babes walking down the street, the type of hottie that could be a model or a Pornstar – you are guaranteed to gawk or STARE! And ladies, don’t giggle and act all high and mighty, you are likely worse than men are when it comes to staring! You see a hot hunk of a man with a crazy 6 pack and your eyes are riveted. Well, we know this is just a normal reaction and we all like things that are easy on the eyes. We like eye candy so much we have made a site dedicated to awesome pictures that you can‚ help but stare at. So enjoy, and be sure to keep coming back for more at

Best Digital Cameras For Kenya Tanzania Uganda Safari Travel

Though our safari guides are dedicated photographers, they often don’t take digital cameras with them when they are on a safari in Tanzania Kenya Uganda as they rather not to have the interruption and concentrate on making the experience as enjoyable as possible for tourists who have paid for the privilege. Our guides do have lots of other opportunities to travel on their own and photograph incredible wildlife & scenery. With this “best digital camera information our travel guides hope to pass on advice to help you get thebest digital camera for travel, safaris and wildlife photography.

- the most important features are:

- This for a safari travel camera is vital, it should be easy to place in your hand luggage; it has to be simple to hold, we highly recommend acompact digital camerafor touring Africa. Remember that professional photographers carry large photographic equipment because it’s their job and you are on with the idea being to enjoy it.

- Another thing to keep in mind is that if you travel around populated cities like Nairobi, you are immediately a target for thieves.

- When you travel on safari in Africa, you most probably will be traveling on a 4×4 and the size of your camera is not that critical as long as it is easily available, but if you plan on a walking safari, again a small easy to carry camera is highly recommended.

When photographing wildlife the most important features to look out for are:

- Big Zoom required – the principals of Africa wildlife photography are similar to photographing polar bears in the arctic, you need to get as close as possible.

Battery life and what type of batteries the camera takes is also an important consideration to take into account, remember if you are traveling to remote locations there may not be any electricity to charge your batteries, therefore buying a spare battery or two is a must.

Below are recommended best digital cameras for and wild life photography, by taking into account three main features of large zoom and compact size camera

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28 is the successor to the very popular FZ18 and has increased resolution: 10.1 Megapixels.

It has an amazing super-zoom with an 18x optically stabilised lens (27-486mm, 35mm equivalent) and if that is not enough there are options to add a 1.7x teleconverter to it. As well as the zoom for t great close ups of wildlife; the 27mm wide-angle feature is ideal for your broad Masai Mara and Serengeti landscapes allowing you to capture a wider view.

Canon’s latest super-zoom, taking over from the fantastic PowerShot S5 IS. Unlike the Panasonic, it uses AA batteries to power it. The massive 20x zoom (28-560mm equivalent), is perfect for getting close to large wildlife like elephants and rhinos. The boasts 10 Megapixels with the latest DIGIC 4 processor adds AF tracking, more efficient video compression, and a clever self-timer mode which waits for a new person to appear before starting the countdown..

Both cameras are very alike in most regards

560 mm (20 x) 486 mm (18 x) 128 x 88 x 87 mm 118 x 75 x 88 mm (4.6 x 3 x 3.5 in) Image stabilization Yes Yes Format SLR-like SLR-like Price guide £322 £260 Max resolution 3648 x 2736 3648x 2736 Effective pixels 10.0 million 10.1 million Battery / Charger No Yes Battery AA batteries (NiMH recommended) Lithium-Ion rechargeable Weight (inc. batteries) 600g 417g

Other than the above recommendations for the best camera to take on Kenya safari, you may wish to also take a look at the options below, all great cameras and all that meet our requirements of being compact enought to easily carry whilst traveling, have a great zoom on it to get nice close up photos of the wildlife and must be not too expensive


Zenni vs the competition

After hearing Clark Howard rave about them for years, I decided to try the online site for prescription eyeglasses,   I bought my latest prescription glasses from the retailer I always use and bought a backup pair from Zenni.  The review – I will definitely be doing this again, minus the pair from my original provider.  Zenni’s pair looks pretty much the same as my expensive glasses. Unless you feel the need for a brand name logo on your frames then you can likely find something close to your existing pair.  The lenses feel the same to look through. Having now worn the Zenni frames for about a month (after my “good” frames lost a screw), I can say that they are not quite as comfortable, but at a fraction of the cost not bad enough that I have rushed to get the others fixed.

  • “Good” frames: $220 with tax, after insurance and a coupon. (this is the cheapest frame they had, with progressive lens and no add-on options)
  • Zenni frames : $36 with shipping. (similar frame and progressive lens with no add-on options)

Which would you buy?  Not a hard choice.  This is why so many people are turning to online providers for their next prescription refill.  You would be rich or crazy not to.  This summer I will be ordering myself a couple pair of prescription sunglasses from Zenni (one for the car and one for my bag). At these prices I have this luxury.


Helicopter Air Charter Safaris| Sight Seeing Air Charter Safaris Into/Out of East Africa

Helicopter Safaris is one of the best ways to travel especially for those elderly tourists and those with backache complications. This aircrafts lifts up from the ground and touches down on ground without having to hit. It picks and drops at door step and all it needs an open area cleared and not like the fixed wing aircraft which requires a runway and also depends with its performance thus requiring certain length to be able to takeoff and land. Some of the exclusive properties are situated in the middle of the bush or forest with bad road infrastructure thus requiring a four wheel drive vehicle and they become worse during rainy season.

Some of the tourist’s destination you may require to charter a helicopter  air charter safari to Rusinga Island ,Lamu Island,Usenge Beach, Lamu Island , Mfangano Island , Funzi Keys Island,Wazini,Mount Kenya,Aberdares,Mt Elgon, beaches  like Watamu,Diani,Kilifi,Mombasa  all in Kenya. Scenic safaris, sight seeing safaris  are very exciting when using helicopter air charter flights as the helicopter can land anywhere on the island,beach,bush,forest,road as long as it is an open place. Helicopter air charter flights also plays an important role in emergency medical evacuation for mountain climbers, search and rescue flights in forests and bushes, air ambulance from where there are no airstrips or airports as all they need is an open place and clear. For tourists visiting East Africa are advised to take travel insurance and to ensure they only travel to the geographical areas covered and if there is change in plan to advice the insurance company as if anything happens then you will not be compensated or incase of an emergency evacuation or search and rescue you will pay from your pocket as when the accident or incident happened was out of the insured geographical area. Private air taxi is available for sight seeing and aerial survey photography at the islands, beaches, coastal line, and forests is using a fixed wing or helicopter flights. Tourists can charter a private helicopter air charter or aircraft air charter to do aerial survey and photography plus filming of national parks and game reserves in East Africa.

Helicopter  air charter safaris  operates  to and from  Pemba Island , Mafia Island ,Mnemba Island,Tumbatu Island,Ambe Island, Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru,Karange Island, Fort Portal Uganda, Murchisson Falls Uganda, Kabalega Falls Uganda, and Mnemba Island  for  scenic air charter safaris, sight seeing air charter safaris and tourist air charters in Tanzania. Some of the boats used are very old and they can even get stuck in the middle of the waters as you have to use them to be able to reach your destination. Properties here are exclusive and with not more than 20 tents or lodges and the package are inclusive of champagne per day depending with the duration of your tour. Private air charter flights are provided with aviators in East Africa who, have experienced and qualified pilots who have worked for airforce, airlines and do understand the needs and wants of the tourists and whenever they know there is a feature that is most famous they always alert the tourists on board their aircraft so that they can sight see or take photographs. Aerial survey & photography by helicopter is the most memorable and exciting as you can land in a forest, bush, beach and island and do filming safaris when nearer to the object that you want to film. Besides beaches,islands,mountain helicopter air charter flights can be used to visit those exclusive properties in bush or forests and ideal for aged, honey mooners and tourists with backache and afraid of  take offs and landings. This gives privacy to dignitaries who do not want their presence noticed by many and it is door to door services with VIP treatment and game drives are organized especially for the people booked, there is room service and even picked by your vehicle at your tent to go for agame drive by motorvechicle or hot air balloon.

Helicopter charter flights come with a price and they are scarce and they are only found in capacity of 3 to 5 seats. They are charged on an hourly rate and are also used for search and rescue for mountain climbers, accident victims, evacuation of personnel affected with floods from low to high grounds and air ambulance. The helicopter flies at low levels and it is ideal for aerial survey, filming and scenic safaris for tourists who would like to see the geographical and historic sites that are based on the slopes of mountains and on islands.VIP personnel, diplomatic dignitaries, honey mooners, security personnel who would not want their presence to be noticed can charter the helicopter which   they can board from the parking bay at the airport and be taken to the door step of your destination. The type of helicopters available for hire in East Africa are the Euro copter AS350B and the Bell.

You can charter helicopter air charter flights to take you around Uganda to the national parks and game reserve including islands, falls, rivers, lakes, mountains, beaches have the customized service of door to door with more VIP treatment without your presence being noticed as room service for meals and being picked from your tent for a game drive in your own reserved vehicle or in a hot balloon. Helicopter air charter flights operates within and outside Uganda  and you can hire a 3 seater,5 seater and not more than seating capacity of 5  and they are scarce and on high demand. Tourists  air charter flights are segmented into helicopter air charter flights, aircraft air charter flights, jet air charter flights providing  services like scenic safaris, aerial survey & photography safaris, filming safaris, sight seeing  safaris, photography safaris to major tourists destinations like Sssese Islands,Sipi Falls, Murchison Falls,Kabalega Falls,Jinja,Bwindi,Queen Elizabeth,Kidepo,Lake Albert, River Nile, Lake Victoria and many others. Charter operators in Uganda have both helicopter and fixed wing aircrafts, jets for charter flights purposes.


Backyard Safari Cargo Vest

Backyard Safari Cargo Vest

  • Six D-Rings and two shoulder epaulets let you clip and hang more essential gear
  • A large zipper pocket stores your trusty binocs (sold separately) and a clear-view chest pocket stores your Pop-Up Field Guides
  • The back of the vest features a one-size-fits-all adjustable strap and two extra mesh pockets for storing extra gear
  • It?s the must-have for every Backyard Safari kid
  • It?s your most essential piece of field gear

It’s your most essential piece of field gear.
It’s rugged, and tough enough for all your outdoor adventures. Plenty of cargo pockets means lots of space to load up.
Six D-Rings and two shoulder epaulets let you clip and hang more essential gear.
A large zipper pocket stores your trusty binocs and a clear-view chest pocket stores your Pop-Up Field Guides™.
The back of the vest features a one-size-fits-all adjustable strap and two extra mesh pockets for storing extra gear.

Michael Mauros Wildlife Photography Gear – Part 1 of 2


Mabalingwe Nature Reserve – Africa Travel Channel Video


Helicopter Rental, Chopper Hire, Chopper Tours and Safaris in Kenya, East Africa

A chopper tours and safaris offers you the opportunity to experience Africa in a very memorable way.

Africa is a continent of forests, being a third world country, Africa is not developed to a fast class status, the roads are in a poor state and the distances between one touristic site to another are far apart. In view of this using a chopper ( helicopter ) is quite ideal for those who would want to spend their little time in Africa while at the same time see too much of Africa. In this case, the use of a chopper is handy for the upper market touristic populace visiting Africa. Victoria Safaris indulges you into the ultimate African adventure in style and comfort with a flare of uniqueness that is a cut above the rest.

Our pilots are not only experienced Professional Pilots, but they also share in our passion for Africa; the wildlife, its people, and the conservation of this memorable flora and fauna in Africa. Victoria Safaris take you on a tour of discovery and awe-inspiring scenes around Eastern, Northern and Southern Africa, in your private helicopter while staying at exclusive, unmatched luxury lodges and hotels situated in pristine areas of Eastern and Southern Africa.

Experience the ultimate African adventure. Go for an African luxury safari experience like no other with our customized luxury Chopper (helicopter) Safari options in Africa for those willing to experience the best of the memorable adventure safari.

Our Chopper Safaris take you to unique safari destinations in East and Southern Africa including Egypt and Ethiopia. We offer you an experience, not just a holiday. We look forward to planning your luxury helicopter safari tour to Africa with you.

The Chopper Safari in East Africa is fascinating, exhilarating and memorable.

We offer a memorable experience of viewing East Africa from the comfort of your private (Chopper) helicopter, together with your own guide / pilot to take you on a memorable experience. Our Pilots have the local knowledge of the areas we travel to and the heart felt passion for the continent to give you the experience of a lifetime.

East Africa is a back bone of wildlife Safaris in Africa, in view of this, those who would want to spend as little time in Africa, while at the same time visiting the sanctuaries and any other sites prefer using helicopter. Flying a few feet above the snow peaks of Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro, over sandy coast of Mombasa and Takawiri and Mfangano islands on Lake Victoria, Kakamega and Mabira forests in Kenya and Uganda respectively, flying over the grasslands of Maasai Mara watching the Migration of the Wildebeests in both Maasai Mara and Serengeti National parks in Kenya and Tanzania respectively and over the mangroves along the Kenya and Tanzania Coastline, spotting hippos and Crocodiles in Lake Victoria, then turning inland and flying over the Roan Antelopes at Ruma National Park, then back to Nairobi or Kisumu City flying over the ever-changing landscapes of Rift Valley to the mountain peaks of the Kilimanjaro might only be for the able few. This is a helicopter safari with a difference – your own East African luxury and adventure.

With Victoria Safaris, you have the chance to experience East Africa in style.

Maasai Mara and Serengeti Wildebeest Migration Chopper Safaris
Tsavo National Parks and Amboseli National Parks Chopper Safaris
Lake Victoria islands chopper Safaris
Western Kenya Chopper Safaris
The Kenyan Coast Chopper safaris
Gorilla tracking chopper safaris
Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro chopper safaris
Uganda Wildlife Chopper Safaris
Northern Tanzania Wildlife Chopper Safaris

Kenya is the backbone of East Africa helicopter safaris, most of the helicopters are based in Nanyuki airstrip in Laikipia. From this place and anywhere in Kenya we can arrange for a chopper for any trips to any where in Kenya. The other places where most choppers are placed are the Wilson Airport in Nairobi, the Moi international Airport in Mombasa and Kisumu Airport.

We plan your Luxury Kenya Helicopter Safari trip to the destination of your choice within Kenya to suit your needs and specific requirements. When we plan your luxury helicopter safari trip, we combine it with the activities of your choice

Tourists coming into Kenya who have limited time usually prefer hiring choppers for visits to various touristic sites. The other groups which prefer using choppers include the non governmental organizations, the politicians while flying into their constituencies, the government departments and lastly the millionaires who would want to make charitable donations to various parts of Kenya not to mention chopper weddings and honey moon chopper trips. We know when the best times are to visit and where to stay to make the most of your helicopter safari trip in Kenya.

Kenya wildlife chopper safaris from Nairobi
Maasai Mara chopper safaris from Nairobi
Laikipia Wildlife and Scenic helicopter safaris from Nanyuki
Lake Victoria helicopter trips from Nairobi
Around mount Kilimanjaro helicopter trips from kampi ya kanzi
Mount Kenya Helicopter Safaris
Chopper wedding celebrations in Kenya
Helicopter political tours and safaris
Kogelo Chopper Safaris
Western Kenya Helicopter tours and Kogelo Village visit
Presidential Heritage Chopper safaris to Kogelo Village in Alego Siaya
Mama Sarah Obama Chopper visit at Nyan’goma Kogelo

Victoria Safaris in liaison with helicopter firms and owners facilitate leasing of helicopters for any other purpose within Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zanzibar.

Victoria Safaris plans your helicopter tour with the following in mind: we have a passion for Africa, its people, the wildlife and the conservation of this beautiful place… We have the local knowledge of the destinations and the heart felt passion for the continent to give you the safari experience of a lifetime. We look forward to planning your luxury helicopter safari tour to Africa with you. We offer you an experience, not just a holiday.