Michael Mauros Wildlife Photography Gear – Part 1 of 2



  1. wordsfromwilderness says:

    Nice demonstration of your gears.

  2. geertkerkvliet1 says:

    What kind of little tripod is that? I like that one!

  3. wildlifefilmpro says:

    hey Mauro! I’m a wildlife filmmaker. I ussually work with bigger (varicam, Red) style cameras. I just recently bought the 60D from canon not as much for photo but video. I did my research and the video is identical to the 7D. What picture style do you use when filming with your 5D? I’ve been spending hours on this and just want to know the best picture style and setting to use for wildlife. I have marvel cine but all I want is the best picture with least grain. thanks!

  4. CAJUNNSC says:

    Nice Kit Michael, I couldn’t help but add them up as you presented them. Yeah I know! Anyway, I wanted to comment on the use of several cameras to capture that one shot you set out to get. I too shoot with several cameras, although I’m no pro. It does often prove to be the definitive answer if you’re trying to get that special wildlife shot. Those of us that enjoy it, know you can take many before you get the one you went for, if your lucky! Thanks nice work!

  5. SRAphotog says:

    @graffsax no such thing as good cheap lenses. You get what you pay for

  6. SRAphotog says:

    @ParadigmPenguin 85.298% of all statistics are made up. Yet only 73.95% of the people actully believe that

  7. petervagt says:

    These Guys must have a pretty good finacial advicer :) damn i work my a” off and i cant even affort half of these stuff .

  8. kd0928 says:

    Quick question… what are the model numbers of the two Gitzo tripods? thanks

  9. TheGregslife says:

    Great video Micheal,l’m a beginner with wildlife photography l use a Cannon 40D,100-400MM lense for wildlife,thanks for the video great to see

  10. cubeproduktion says:

    how do you know what pelican case to get for your camera gear, because when I went to their website, it didn’t say anywhere a bag for camera gear.

  11. KODIAKATTACK100 says:

    very organized

  12. thisthatotherone21 says:

    @lorikzzz oh yes you can

  13. ParadigmPenguin says:


    lmao. The best by whom? Both of us can name random sites/sources that claim every lens to be the best. Have you ever noticed how many “pros” (at least when it comes to sports/action) use Canon? 70% of photographers at the Athens Olympics used Canon. Also, I’m a Nikon user. So shut up.

  14. lorikzzz says:

    @ParadigmPenguin No way, the 70-200 VR II was chosen the best professional zoom lens. so shut up

  15. ParadigmPenguin says:


    Nikon has shitty zoom lenses.

  16. lorikzzz says:

    @thisthatotherone21 you can’t use a flash when something is 10-20 meters away

  17. lorikzzz says:

    @thisthatotherone21 hahahah LOL D3s FTW no camera can beat it on ISO performance

  18. PershingSOCOM says:

    now thats pro.

  19. lorikzzz says:

    why did you choose Canon over Nikon ?

  20. artwithliam says:

    i would recomend a tamron lense, if you want a good telescopic lense i would go for the camron 70-300mm lense

  21. graffsax says:

    hi, i got a sony alpha 200 on summer.. I am starting to work on a teen magazine at my town. I need some good and cheap lenses for sport photography and other party activity .. Please give me some info on what should i buy

  22. laboriontech says:

    all gears low cost : 2300000000000 $

  23. vannabie says:

    It’s a Litepanels Micro. Costs about $300 and produces really nice light for about 1,5 hours with 4 normal AA batteries.

  24. elsiephysio says:

    Where do you get those portable LED lights from?

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