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How To Make A Plan For A Trip To Africa

Africa is the number one destination for people from European countries who would love to enjoy game trips, mountain climbing, kayaking, bungee jumping, surfing, fishing and other kinds of sport that one might think of. The reason why Africa inspires so many people is because of the history and stories told by the first settlers to Africa. Great stories have been written about Africa by the explorers whose names gave names to the countries they first set their foot on.

Africa history has surpassed borders because its endowed with so much natural resources from , gold, dynamite, limestone, diamonds, oil, fluorspar, ,quarries all to name but a few. Before the coming of the colonialist Africa had not been able to fully utilize their natural resources. But after scramble for Africa there was a mad rush for every resource that had not been fully tapped. One major development that occurred is the introduction of currency. Some of the old currencies used are now being preserved at national museums around various countries.

Africa has come a long way. One can say that though civilization did scathe many Africans in a bad way, there was absolute change that took place. Africans were forced to abandon their mode of dressing and took up formal clothes. Only some few bush men still don’t wear clothes preferring to cover their skin with hides. These tribes offer visitors a reflection of how Africans lived before embracing civilization. Now Africa is developing fast like other world countries more so countries like Kenya, South Africa, Botswana, Ghana and Egypt.

Holiday Adventures for South Africa by Car

An excellent route to pay a visit to the Cape Peninsula across South Africa is actually by hired vehicle. Useful highways get traveling simple, there’s a whole lot to have a look at that using a car delivers the flexibility to visit just as much as you are looking for.

You’ll see a variety of tips you actually must be aware of though it is true creating your holiday escapes.Start by getting a perfect South Africa trip guide. Find out the the best overseas airport to land into in accordance with precisely where you ought to see. frequently land both in Cape Town also Pretoria, both of which continue to be key areas behind South Africa.

You ultimately figure out, you can pre-arrange a rental vehicles straight up so it is without a doubt all set when you turn up.For the most part crucial flights are undoubtedly for Johannesburg International Airport terminal.  Purchase a great Cape Town holiday vacations soon after your arrival in Johannesburg.

is just near to Johannesburg nevertheless small as well as much eye-catching while on travellers. Pretoria might be a lovely town to trek anytime, above all for November. Known as Jacaranda city, Pretoria houses in excess of 70,000 these types of trees which often flower in splendid crimson, fresh plants each and every autumn season. Pretoria is an excellent starting point suitable for exploring northern South Africa.

If you, yourself are prepared start out venturing south in to the Cape you’ll always be sailing into magnificent interior from South Africa. Right here one is about to discover the outstanding grasslands of the Great Karoo.

Helshoogte Pass you can get within Stellenbosch together with Drakenstein Valley. This kind of incredible area is filled with wineries, so you can rest then try South African homemade wine from numerous wineries as you go along Head off to your bush lodge on top of that get a great safari game drive.

Tented safari lodges are lots of in the South Africa’s game reserves not to mention National Parks. Kruger National Park can be described as hightest capacity for South Africa, taking up total area of well over 200sq km. When we arrive in Cape Town, an individual could would be wise to break in addition , visit the town as much as you can. Enjoy the other individuals is claiming going their South African Beach Holidays in Cape town, Port Elizabeth or Durban

There are suburbs in Cape Town, together featuring its particular preference. Kloof Street has become best displayed parts to to stop by in Cape Town. The neighborhood is stuffed with restaurants, stores as well as impressive night life.

Bear in mind that South Africa not to mention Cape Town are blessed with specifically identified seasons. Over several months about May to September is going to be the winter season. Temperatures can easily fall in the course of this time, on top of that rain fall is most likely. Right from October for April is simply the summer, but also temperature conditions actually are high also it turns out to be dry as well as the bright. In case you deciding one specific beach safari holiday near Boulders’ Beach, you certainly may likely preference to create holiday with the South African holidays.


Sell Property in South Africa

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There is a mixture of plateaus with grasslands, mountain ranges and coastal areas. The deserts, stretch of grasslands, mountains and tablelands found in South Africa makes it a wonderful place to explore areas with diversified climate. To buy a property in South Africa will definitely be a dream for most of us. We make the job of buying and selling properties in South Africa an easier one. It is not easy to buy or sell a property where were we wanted in South Africa. South Africa apartments, Flats, houses, bungalows, Villa and town houses in important towns and cities, namely, George, Plenttenberg bay, Alexander Bay, Mossel bay, Durban, East London, Cape Town or Johannesburg. Renting a property abroad is a great way to enjoy the freedom of your next holiday – no fighting for sun beds around your own pool here. Book your next holiday rental property abroad online here and save money. More and more people are traveling independently nowadays and as such the overseas property rental market has grown exponentially over the past decade.

Buy property or sell property and House, Flats, Apartments for sales in South Africa. South Africa has apartments, flats, houses, villa and town houses in important towns and cities, namely, George, Plenttenberg bay, Alexander Bay, Mossel bay, Durban, East London, Cape Town or Johannesburg.

Wild Photo Adventures TV Series 202



South Africa Travel Agent for Planning your South African Safari

National parks of South Africa provide splendid opportunity to view the wildlife at closer proximity. South African safari is the best way to see the African lion and other beasts of the jungle as they roam free in the wild. Contact a South Africa travel agent or tour company to book your African holiday this season.

Travel and Accommodation in South Africa

There are many options to stay during your South Africa holidays. You can choose from luxurious hotels to smaller hotels and hostels depending on your budget. You can also rent vacation apartments and villas.

If you are new to the place, consider hiring a South Africa travel agent. The experienced and well-informed agents can help you with flight booking, stay and provide you with full details of the South African Safari. You can also ask you South Africa travel agent about local transportation and guided tours.

Planning a South African Safari Trip

While planning a South African Safari trip, discuss with your South Africa travel agent for further details. The agents can design a customized trip for bigger groups and families. Apart from that, there are various safari trips to choose- the guided South African safari, adventure safari, luxury African safari and self-drive Africa safari.

On guided tours, the visitors go on a South African safari with guides who explain about the wildlife and attractions. They will know where to find dense groups of animals and best photography locations. In all safari tours, the travel agents and guides explain the tourists about the rules and safety measures in the national park.

To avoid any hazards, stay inside your vehicle unless you are near a rest area. Do not wear bright clothes or make noises to attract wild animals. Wear cotton clothes and shoes to beat the heat in South Africa. Thus, when you hire a reputed South Africa travel agent, you can enjoy your trip and the South African safari without any hassles.

Whether you are looking African wildlife safari or your interested in and African holiday visit Wildafrica. As South Africa Tour is one of the most diverse destinations on the planet and provides the very best of what Africa has to offer, Travel To South Africa with Wild Africa Travel Company, South Africa Travel Agent will ensure your African safari is as rich and diverse as the region itself.


Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) (The Official 2010 FIFA …


Family Travel South Africa

Many Safari lodges now accept children under the age of 12 years old , taking family’s travel requirements into consideration – and creating a child friendly environment, ensuring the enjoyment of your African Safari for both adults and children alike. Many of these lodges offer delightful children programs and child game drives – giving your children an ultimate adventure to share with their friends on their return back home. If Malaria areas, such as the Kruger, are an issue for family’s with very young children, we recommend enjoying a Safari in one of the Malaria free Game Reserves situated in the Eastern Cape or  Madikwe areas of South Africa.

Cape Town and the Garden Route host many child friendly hotels and activities and is travelled and enjoyed by all family’s. The Garden Route and Eastern Cape in South Africa are  filled with beaches and game parks in close-proximity, a winning combination with children.   As many of our Tour consultants are parents themselves, we have an intimate understanding of the concerns of parents and can best advise you how to make your family holiday work for you!

Featured Family Friendly Tours
A taste of some of child friendly itineraries that clients have enjoyed.  Each and every family has different requirements – and our expert tour consultants will design the ideal trip to Southern Africa to suit you and your family alone.

Cape Town for Children
Cape Town is incredibly child friendly – with a variety of suitable hotels for families and activities to be enjoyed by adults and children alike.  Beaches, penguins, Aquariums – the choice is endless!    We have included some of the activities enjoyed by children.   These activities can all be incorporated into your South Africa trip.

Garden Route for Children
The Garden Route is an ideal destination for those travelling with families – with a host of fun filled and sometimes adrenalin rush activities available for both children and adults alike,

The Garden Route is without a doubt, one of the most popular holiday destinations for those travelling with children.
Interact with Elephants at the Elephant Sanctuary in Plettenberg Bay, marvel at the stalagmite formations in Cango Caves in Oudtshoorn,  play on the beach in Plettenberg Bay or Wilderness,  watch the monkeys in Monkeyland,  observe the Ostrich’s in Oudtshoorn or enjoy a boat cruise on the Knysna Lagoon -   your children will certainly be entertained !

For more information, visit our Garden Route activity page
The Garden Route also hosts a wide variety of child friendly accommodation – contact one of our travel consultants to design the ideal family holiday for you !
Child Friendly Game Lodges

Situated in the MALARIA FREE Madikwe Game Reserve. These two exceptional, privately owned lodges, run by Jan and Jaci, together with an outstanding team, will exceed all your safari expectations boasting 75,000 hectares of “Top Ten” territory.
Jaci’s provides the opportunity for the perfect family safari as well as introducing children to the wonders and enjoyment of the African bushveld. Children of all ages are welcome at Jaci’s and are especially catered for.

South Africa, An Exciting Family Holiday Destination

Planning to spend your South Africa vacations along with your family is one of the most effective decisions you will make. You will make excellent memories here with your family throughout your South Africa holidays. Enjoy the sun and surf at pristine beaches in the early morning or consider a cruise to secluded coves around. You can take tranquil strolls at lush gardens and nature trails or have mountain biking with the youngsters. Have a delightful feast throughout your South Africa holidays at good eating places, charming cafes, and lively pubs and bars.

A family getaway at any of the upscale holiday cottages is truly calming. You are going to be impressed by its outstanding client service also as world-class services and self-catering environment. The holiday cottages have spacious rooms with distinctive concept designs to suit your preferences. You may also simply entry any of the major tourist attractions in town from the holiday cottages. Plan your itinerary to make your remain at the holiday cottages extremely unforgettable.

Do not forget about to pack up your sunscreen to guard you from the severe impact of sun rays. You will feel invigorated following a family picnic right here for the duration of your South Africa vacations.

Yet another must-visit attraction for the duration of your South Africa trip are the famous Apartheid museum or the world heritage site of Robben Island; home to political mover Nelson Mandela during his incarceration. It is a favorite web page for holidaymakers who wish to understand more about the wealthy way of life and heritage of South Africa. Immediately after a sumptuous breakfast at the vacation cottages, just take a trip here and appreciate a great time with the family.

Delight in the fresh air amidst the colorful flora and fauna and delight in the company of several animals and birds by going on wildlife safaris to the many national parks in the nation like Kruger National Park, Table Mountains National Park, Addo Elephant National Park, Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve, etc.

You may possibly even get to determine rare species that can not be located in other places. Journey inside the caves wherever there is a colony of guillemots and horseshoe bats hanging from the limestone walls. You can also travel for whale watching holidays to enjoy the tremendous adorable dolphins and basking whales. This is an enjoyable instructional expertise for you and your children in the course of your South Africa vacations.


A Safari Beach Honeymoon: The Perfect Combination

Imagine an exhilarating active week spent spotting exotic wildlife and amazing acts of nature, followed by a week relaxing and recuperating with the one you love in a hammock on the beach underneath a hot summer sun.  If you can picture that, you can see why safari beach honeymoons are truly the perfect combination for an active and relaxing long honeymoon.  Here are five more reasons why safari and beach go so perfectly together.

1.      You won’t get bored.  If you’re the type of person who can’t stand to sit still for more than a day, a traditional beach honeymoon will never work for you.  You’ll just end up much too restless; you might even find yourself starting fights because you’re bored.  That’s the last thing you’ll want on your honeymoon!  Adding a safari in beforehand means you’ll be completely worn out and ready for that essential relaxation.  You’re much less likely to feel restless; for something fun to do, compare your safari photos and start making a honeymoon album before you even get home.

2.      Similarly, if you’re hesitant about a more adventurous honeymoon, but you know it would please your partner, you may be a bit more eager to sign on to the safari honeymoon knowing you’ll have a week of pure beach afterwards.  It’s an easier way to make both of you happy.  You might find that you appreciate the safari a bit more than you’d expected!

3.      Safari holidays are amazing, but they’re a bit too exhausting for a lovey dovey honeymoon. They are, however, absolutely once in a lifetime holidays.  You can go to a beach on most normal holidays, but how often will you really be travelling to Africa to gaze at wild animals?  A safari beach honeymoon gives you that rare experience of discovering something new together while still providing the perfect opportunity for romance when you hit the beach.

4.      A change of scenery can be very welcome after staying at a certain lodge for a period of time.  Sure, you’ll have to live out of your suitcase instead of unpacking for the time being, but you’ll be rewarded by experiencing a greater variety of accommodation.  Perhaps you can’t afford the nicest accommodation for your whole trip, but if you do change up your lodgings fairly frequently you might find you can splurge for a few nights.  For example, you might save some money by choosing cheaper hotels throughout your safari, when you won’t be spending much time in the resorts anyway, and then indulge on the beach half of your honeymoon, when you will want to spend a great deal of time in and around your room or villa.

5.      Finally, the best reason to have a safari beach honeymoon is simply because both halves of your honeymoon will be truly glorious.  Each of them could be wonderful on their own, but putting them together will give you an incredible honeymoon that you’ll remember for the rest of your lives.  What better way to start your marriage than with an amazing journey getting in touch with wildlife and the wider world, and then spending the next week getting more in touch with each other?  It’s truly the perfect combination.

Meghan Burton is a professional copywriter.  She recommends Mahlatini, the African travel specialists, for safari holidays.


Pavilion Shopping Centre Durban – Africa Travel Channel

The Pavilion Shopping centre, affectionately know as The Pav, is one of the largest shopping centres on the East coast of Africa. Adjacent to the N3 national highway and only minutes away from Durban and Durban International Airport, this shopping Mecca is easily accessible. Open 7 days a week – with extended trading hours over month end and during holiday seasons, as well as late night shopping the last weekend of every month – the Pavilion Shopping Centre is KwaZulu Natal’s number one shopping and entertainment destination for locals and tourists alike. More than one million shoppers a month enjoy an unequalled choice of jewellers, fashion outlets, shops, restaurants, cinemas, entertainment areas and banking facilities. International shoppers enjoy a choice of fine curio and gift shops.