Who has done a Kenyan safari in January?

Question by marmelder: Who has done a Kenyan safari in January?
I’m going in Jan. 2010. I understand the migratory animals will be in Tanzania but does that mean that absolutely NO zebras or wildebeests will be in Kenya at all? Also, it was incredibly dusty when I went in Aug. 07. Is it very dusty year round? If you have done a safari in January, how would you rate the animal viewing? I’m going specifically for photography. Thanks!!

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Answer by TheWildSource
The Masai Mara area has the resident Loita herds consisting of around 20,000 wildebeest and that general area always has plentiful wildlife, nice thing in January will be much less people than during the high season since many will go to the Serengeti to see the migration.

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  1. jaluo says:

    January is not very dusty the Game viewing is wonderful there are lots of animals to view zebras, lions, leopards, hyenas, etc are there so will have plenty
    especially in Mara am a tour/travel consultant and i can help you get hotel accommodation etc

  2. odysseysafari says:

    January is a wonderful time to travel to Kenya and you will see plenty of animals and, with a bit of luck, all of the Big Five. It is not as dusty as August because the short rains season has just ended and things have not fully dried out.
    I like traveling during this time as prices are lower, and there are less tourists allowing you some privacy on your safari which is particularly helpful for a photography safari.
    Please feel free to contact me via my website for more information/advice.

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