Voice 10/27: Gear up for Photo Safari!

nmc.org Show Links Photo Safari Registration & Information www.nmc.org Learning Analytics Webinar www.nmc.org Apple Challenge Based Learning Webinar edseminars.apple.com HP Catalyst Thought Leaders Series catalyst.navigator.nmc.org Horizon Report 2011 Museum Edition Preview www.nmc.org St Edwards Global Social Problems academic.stedwards.edu The NMC Photo Safari is quickly approaching – and by fast, I mean, it’s next week. Join the NMC community and Straw Hat visuals for three days of education, hands on instruction, and tons of inspiration from pulitzer prize winning photographer bill frames. during this workshop, we’ll explore still and video portraiture, lighting for portraits, shooting models, and street photography, with an additional session on light painting. NMC Photo safari is an amazing opportunity for professional development, inspiration, and of course bonding with fellow shutterbugs. Photo safari is November 1st throughout the 3rd in Austin Texas and there’s still time to grab your spot at nmc.org. Just make sure you bring plenty of gigs worth of “digital film”. You’re going to need it. We’d like to announce three upcoming webinars – Join the NMC and North East Regional Learning Analytics for a free, live webinar on Thursday, november 10th at noon central for the results of the learning analytics workshop hosted by NERLA and the NMC. The webinar will follow the progress of five teams of educators from around the country as they prepare to implement learning

Best of Botswana Photographic Safari — December 2011 Botswana is my favourite safari destination anywhere in the world. I might be biased, as it was my home for over 8 years — but it is a very special place and December is my absolute favourite time of year to be there. December is magical. The wet season has started, but this time of the year is generally represented by the occasional dramatic afternoon thunderstorm. The grass is short and emerald green, the air is clear, the skies are blue with clouds often building through the day into spectacular storm cells in the afternoon. The clear light and thick cumulus clouds also make for the most spectacular sunsets imaginable. Added to this the migratory birds have returned. Everywhere there are spectacular flashes of colour. Even people that aren’t remotely interested in birds at the beginning of a safari will be constantly intrigued by the variety, accessibility and beauty of the birds at this time of year. That is enough reason to go and we haven’t even mentioned the mammals yet. The plains game — impalas, wildebeest, zebra, tsessebe, warthogs to name a few — all give birth at this time of the year. Baby animals are everywhere — a constant source of entertainment for us and a constant source of food for northern Botswana’s abundant predator population. The predator viewing in December is fantastic. Lions, wild dogs, leopards, cheetahs and lions are commonly seen in December taking advantage of the seasonal glut of


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    Botswana, the best place on earth! Majestic beauty!

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    Dumela James!!

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