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Having trouble with safari photo uploader?

Question by baweee1: Having trouble with safari photo uploader?
Not really a problem, just more of an annoyance. When I take pictures with my webcam and try and upload them to facebook, it takes me to my iphoto library, but none of the new pictures are there. Does anyone know how to refresh the safari photo uploader?

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Answer by Colanth
Look in the folder you saved the pictures to. The “library” is usually just a list of files, not the actual files.

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Q&A: Are these photos any good? (for young person considering photography career)?

Question by : Are these photos any good? (for young person considering photography career)?
I’m 14 years old and I love photography. I am considering photography as a career when I’m older and was just wondering if there is any potential in these photos (the link is below). They are taken using a Nikon D3000 and standard lens. Any advice or tips are welcome!! (especially as I am going on safari soon!) Thanks :)

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Answer by Michelle
Wow! These photos are beautiful! You are very excellent at photography!

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Nature Photography: Insider Secrets from the World’s Top Digital Photography Professionals

Nature Photography: Insider Secrets from the World’s Top Digital Photography Professionals

Have you ever wondered what it is that professional photographers do day in and day out that enables them to take consistently compelling images? Or thought that unravelling the insider secrets of the professionals could inspire you? This book takes a contemporary and innovative approach to revealing the day-to-day habits of the world’s most successful wildlife, landscape and macro photographers, divulging the core skills and techniques through which they excel.

This book is crammed fu

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Humvee HMV-VS-K-L Safari Vest Khaki Large

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With 20 pockets you’ve got space and organization to take you from Alaska to Zanzibar. This perfect traveling panion will make seasoned travelers envious of the utility and cotton fort. Full cut for wear over a sweater- wear your vest through 3 or 4 seasons depending on your location.The two cardinal rules of adventure travel are: (1) Be Prepared Without Taking Too Much and (2) Keep the Really Important Stuff Close at Hand. This rugged vest helps you follow the rules and look like a seasoned tra

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Flying for less

Cheap Business Class Flights are pretty east to find now days if you have a computer and a couple of minutes to do some searching.  Business Class is the new first class.  Since first class has become so expensive, most flyers have opted to fly business class because the fares are more reasonable and you really get about the same experience.

I used to fly coach all of the time but since I travel a lot more today then I used to I appreciate the extra space that business class offers.  Have you ever flown from NYC to LA coach?  can you say middle seat?  Yeah that sucks.  With business class there is no middle seat. Check it on your next flight – the little cost goes a long way!

Great Vacation

For Christmas my uncle is taking a ski holiday in Oberwallis, Switzerland.  He has book a self catered ski accommodation in Oberwallis.  He was able to find a ton of information on the best ski accommodation where they have a great variety of price points and types of accommodations to choose from.

He is returning after having such a good time last year.  The area is known for it skiing but also has a ton of nightlife and other activities to pass the time.  If you are not familiar with the area you can find out more by visiting WikiTravel and Lonely Planet.

The ski rentals in the area are much different then any of the units that I have stayed at in the states because they are basically on the hills you will be skiing.   You can practically take the ski lift from your living room.  He has already talked me into joining him next year.  If it is even a fraction of what he has described, I will be making it an annual trip as well.



Jungle Safari Photo Prop Party Supplies

Jungle Safari Photo Prop Party Supplies

Includes (1) Photo Prop. 25″ H x 37″ W.

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Every now and tehn

Guest post of the week by Brittany Booker

Every now and then you hear a story on the news that really makes you kind of panic. Living alone is never easy, but it feels more and more unsafe the more things I hear about how bad the neighborhood is getting. I decided last year would be a good time to start a neighborhood watch program in my neighbors have seemed to be really responsive to my efforts. I also looked into an alarm system on various websites about Albuquerque home security systemsand found one I think is going to work really well in my home. I’m still getting used to setting the buttons every time I leave the house, though! I feel much safer now that I’ve taken the precaution and I’m hoping that between me and the rest of my neighborhood, we can totally turn this part of town around. I have no tolerance for property crime or physical crime so I’m going to do everything I can to make sure this is one of the safest places in Atlanta to live, you better believe it!

Namib Desert Photo Safari

Video of photographer taking pictures in Namibia. Includes video and still images. Filmed and photographed by Martin Harvey.
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Salif Keita – “Africa”

Salif Keita – “Africa”

Taupo to Bay of Islands Road trip – hotel accommodation

New Zealand is a cool place to consider planning a vacation where you could take an excellent road trip.  You would be able to mix beautiful beaches with exciting attractions.  In the town of Taupo you are able to see geothermal pools and take some trails around the volcanoes.  They have a great List of NZ towns with hotels along the trails and list the accommodation and what type of benefits they have.

Because road trips are so popular throughout New Zealand some of the best NZ hotels are now located around the most traveled roads.  The road trips are not just on the orad but you have the chance to take cruises and other side excursions throughout your trip.  They also have some of the best shopping I have ever seen.

Roads trips are awesome because you can pace your trip and spend more or less time at a stop based on how much you like it.  So many people have lost the appreciation of driving and the sites they are missing along the way from point A to point B.  Take a road soon – you will be happy you did.