Along with my friends, I am raising money for a trip to Africa. What is an “original” way to raise money?

Question by Kayla: Along with my friends, I am raising money for a trip to Africa. What is an “original” way to raise money?
The trip to Africa is to help the many people there. We feel that they deserve good lives like the wonderful ones that we have here in America.

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Answer by NaTa
Garage sale, bake sale, raffle, etc.

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  1. free_the_frenchfries says:

    I have some original, but maybe not the best for profit ideas:
    car washes,
    bake sales,
    having a clothing/item drive and selling the valuable items on Ebay,
    asking your church or a group that you are associated with to let you ask for donations from the congregation or group.

  2. Paperclip-UA-4-life says:

    If you want to “help” the people of Africa I suggest you call charity agencies and tell them you want to join their efforts and volunteer to travel to Africa and assist. I would STRONGLY reccommend NOT going there on your own. (without an aid agencies protection). I was recently in Africa and poor areas are also extremely dangerous, depending on the country.
    The agencies you call will give you many ideas and perhaps help raising money.
    Check out this site, it is volunteer agencies that may accept you and your friends.

  3. johnny m did you mean speak? says:


  4. DeAndre V says:

    The best way to raise money is to do a bake sell, or even sponsers, if you go to a church of some sort let them know what you are trying to do and that they would sponser a bake sell to raise money that would be the best way, other way is to sell candy!!! if you have a sams card than you should do this..because you can raise hella cash for your trip

    by the way i think its so cool that you are planning a trip to the Motherland..i wish you the best of luck

  5. amachan says:

    hey kaylllaaa ur going w/o me!!!!

    umm an original way 2 raise money huh?? ok how abouutt

    umm a rummage sale! have people donate like all kinds of stuff they don’t want and sell it!! its an easy way raise money and people always have stuff they wanna get rid of!!

    good luck

  6. daisy says:

    here are some ideas:
    a car wash

    offer to clean garages for friends and family

    tell all friends and family about your fund raiser and offer to bring back a cheap african souvenier to all who contribute(the african markets have little souveniers at a very cheap price such as:carved wooden elephants or key chains,real snake skins,bags made by hand with african fabric)

    leave a bucket at your house for all to see that has a sign that says

    you can sell extra clothes at a cosignment shop for a little extra cash

    anything of moderate value that you dont want anymore can be sold via a pawn shop or on ebay (if you know how)

    getting a hostess job at a restaurant a few nights a week is a good way to get cash

    go to all your neighbors,friends and family and ask for things they want to get rid of—have a huge yard sale in your neighborhood and make sure you post a sign that says (all money spent at this yard sale funds a goodwill trip to africa–people will ask you about it and some may feel compelled to donate to your cause)

    thats all i can think of now —good luck!!!

  7. Emily says:

    Get a job. Do you know that the Sudan government is now Islamic forces who are systematically killing all the Africans to take their lands. Kind of like the Europeans did to the Indians in this country. I wonder if they have given them blankets with small pox on them yet?

  8. lakelover says:

    Many good suggestions have been made, if you live in a community that has a skating rink see if you can use it on a slow night make a deal 50-50 for tickets and you sell refreshments. Have a spaghetti dinner using one of the churches. easy inexpensive to do but can make money. Have a dance athon, rocking chair raiser or a body auction People bid for a person to do lawns, chores,cleaning, babysitting, shopping cleaning the garage etc.
    Hope that helps. Good Luck.

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