Andy McKee – Africa

Music video by Andy McKee performing Africa. (C) 2009 Razor and Tie, LLC


  1. callumWLB says:

    @mateo310892  D G D G A D

  2. 9pumpkin says:

    As amazing and mind blowing as it is a whole, theres something about the strummed part that just gets my eyes watering, so beautiful

  3. Blanez806 says:

    What?!?!?! @CarLooSmosh are you serious??!?! BADASS!!!!!

  4. mateo310892 says:

    does anyone know the tuning he is using here?

  5. Neverbeforemetal says:

    Guy’s, just dont pay any mind to @shimanchunutakara ‘s douche baggery. Obviously, the idiot has his mind stuck in the past and can’t embrace anything new, such as the concept of dynamic playing. Even though his type are better off with a bullet in their mouths, unfortunately, we can’t kill people on stupidity alone. Let him have his moot point of view and we will continue do drift away on Andy’s masterful playing.

  6. Sappyspartan says:

    No, Dream Theater closed for Andy McKee. 

  7. Comfortably223Numb says:

    Simply put, Andy is an incredible musician and I would go far out of my way to watch him perform.

  8. mcjrides says:

    hopefuly you make your way to winnipeg in 2012 home of the jets

  9. karolinewraali says:


  10. onte95 says:

    i don’t play guitar myself but man what i wish i could when i hear him. incredible (Y)

  11. sonybmi says:

    Made me JUMP out of my chair @

    Andy Mckee is in my top favorite musicians in the WORLD ..
    Loved his guitar lessons @ Guitar World Magazine

  12. grandcarriage1 says:

    I like it, I just think I prefer the energy in the earlier Candyrat version.

  13. DoctorPr355ur3 says:

    @JohnGSilver Must mean that Dream Theater closed for Andy McKee.
    “An Honest Mistake”

  14. georgelarbalest1er says:

    @shimanchunutakara i dont have a cat

  15. tattoodfreeek says:

    Cool, this was posted on my birthday! This is a much better version, the other one was a little too fast, absolutely amazing!!

  16. fogoquechato13 says:

    His guitar is wierd o.o

  17. makistudio says:

    oh fuck! I’m flying right now

  18. EricVera539 says:

    is there any tab of pdf for this?

  19. shimanchunutakara says:

    @AilenMercu i don’t have any real hate towards andy mckee or his guitar playing. i said those things to fuck with the assholes who couldn’t take it when i wouldn’t join the andy mckee cock sucking party. to the fags with his balls on their chins, that was a big slap in the face so they started talking shit. i don’t like his techniques or the way he plays but he has skill. i’m not impressed but to say that alone is enough to piss off his fans. the rest is history. you fags got trolled

  20. richiehenrydrums says:

    What a beautiful chorus.

  21. jcbaroin1 says:

    Strange… You’re not asian.

  22. DomShillito says:

    You’re kidding me….he plays the keyboard solo as well as accompaniment?!!! Truly superb ;)

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