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South Africa reflects after ANC centenary To see more go to Follow us on Facebook ( or Twitter ( As the world reflects on the ANC’s struggle since 1912, South Africa also remembers a leader who is often overlooked by the international community: Robert Sobukwe, founder of the Pan-Africanist Congress. Sobukwe would never see his dream of “South Africa’s youth, walking tall, in a country they call their own.” He is a man with a remarkable legacy. In particular, his monumental call to action against the pass laws, on 21st March 1960. Heeding the call, thousands of black South Africans left their pass books at home and marched to their police stations, demanding arrest. “You had to give non-violence a chance. That was Sobukwe’s mission.” Protesters paid the price: police opened fire in the Sharpeville massacre and Sobukwe suffered years of imprisonment. But the protest left an indelible mark on international consciousness and helped clear the path for the ANC to change South African politics. October 2011

Money taken illegally from the developing world is worth 10 times annual global aid budgets, according to a recent study by a Swedish agency, Forum Syd. Tax evasions by multinational companies in Africa is so vast that one tax analyst believes that if the money were paid, most of the continent would be “developed” by now. But, lacking a sophisticated tax code, or the people qualified to enforce tax laws, many African countries continue to lose money that could solve most of its financial problems. Al Jazeera’s Peter Greste reports from Nairobi.


  1. borley65 says:

    A real leader, a man who sought nothing for himself but dedicated his whole life to his people. Men like him only come along once in a lifetime IF YOUR LUCKY.
    If all politicians were just 1% of this man then the world would be a much better place.
    It’s a travesty that Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe is not more well known, especially by all South Africans. He should be held in higher regard even than Nelson Mandela.

  2. justinC504 says:

    @swinewarrior Haha.. Can’t debate because you’re illogically incapable, so you result to insults. How pathetic.

  3. swinewarrior says:

    @justinC504 well fuck off and do not send me comments ashole

  4. justinC504 says:

    @swinewarrior Also, it’s none of your business about my priorities and activities on a free-roaming web. It’s unavailable because it’s unavailable. Simple.

  5. justinC504 says:

    @swinewarrior Yeah, sure you did random Internet user. Without a doubt you worked in Haiti and first hand experienced that after-effect of Colonialism. Yep, it proves my point of European nation’s desire of free slave labor and not educating the mentally lost inhabitants, who don’t know who they are or where they’re going.
    That’s what happens when we lack education and identity. I don’t blame Haiti or any Africa country, I blame the people who placed them there with little to none

  6. BahreNeGash says:

    HEROES NEVER DIE,,, They simply breed, lead & guide more heroes to fight for liberty, leaving a better destiny for their children & grandchildren to inherit FREE HOMELAND !!!!

    Eternal memory & immortal Glory to liberation heroes.

  7. swinewarrior says:

    @justinC504 Haiti is the best example of freedom from colonialism
    for the longest time and i worked their…..they still have slaver to day
    like a lot of African country’s to day
    you have never been on an aid convoy have you
    …………why is your channel unavailable

  8. kowalityjesus says:

    @justinC504 I would probably trust the comment of the individual who has lived in the place and experienced the people. It seems even in America the people who spend less time living around other races are more prone to have high opinions of them.

    Read my other comment, it does not bode well for your position. One phrase keeps popping into my mind “casting pearls before swine” and I don’t know why.

  9. justinC504 says:

    @swinewarrior Sorry bimbo, but Colonialism is what contributed to this problem. Europeans saw Africa as just a place for free labor and material resource/wealth.
    There was no need to educate the inhabitants, instead, just for labor (as most of them did in other countries)
    Once the Europeans had their bellies full, who cares what the natives do, right?
    Well that’s what happened in SA when Blacks didn’t receive the same education as the Whites. Bantu education was labor education.

  10. kowalityjesus says:

    @criticalviewer1959 In PRE-colonial SA, “the expropriation of labor for conservation etc, did not necessarily reflect egalitarian and consensual conservation, BUT RATHER THE EXERCISE OF POWER OVER PEOPLE AND RESOURCES BY DOMINANT CLANS OR CLASSES, as the case would have been.” -James C. Murombedzi February, 2003

    Thus, all of this entitled social resistance is rather hypocritical. Pan-Africanism is a case of previous enemies united against new and even more different people.

  11. Stevie68000 says:

    CNN & US soldier cut – off video :

    1. A video of US soldier expressing support for Ron Paul was cut – off when he mentions Israel.

    2. The reporter was Ms Dana Bash, a Jew.

    3. The other CNN repoter, Wolf Blitzer is Jew

    4. The cut – off was deliberate.

  12. Ilkamy says:

    Courage is the passion for change that gives the strength to fight for it.
    Thanks for this tribute.
    “Who fights can lose, who doesn’t fight has already lost” (Bertolt Brecht, 1898-1956)
    Much strength for further struggles!

  13. criticalviewer1959 says:

    Cheers to the brave pioneers in the struggle against apartheid.
    The key to change lies in the upbringing and education!
    DIGNITY – LIBERTY – EQUALITY – HUMANITY – PEACE for all people. Another world is possible, beyond capitalism and wars! People before profit.
    Thanks for uploading the interesting documentary.

  14. swinewarrior says:

    free SA full of drugs and crime going down the tubes like the rest of the Continent
    seems like colonialism was the only thing that held them in place
    not allowing them to rob and murder each other willy nilly believe me i have experienced
    it first hand

  15. bemaniac2 says:

    These guys were incredibly brave.

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