Wildlife Photography: To Catch a Predator (On Film)

Complete video at: fora.tv Wildlife photographer Michael Forsberg has long had an interest in photographing predators, such as wolves, grizzly bears, and mountain lions. In this highlight, Forsberg describes his mission to catch a bobcat with a camera trap in Nebraska. —– A nature photographer and Nebraska native, Michael Forsberg shares his work documenting this vast landscape, its lakes, prairies along with its plants and animals. The Great Plains are a dynamic but often forgotten landscape — overlooked, undervalued, misunderstood, and in desperate need of conservation. Forsberg’s book helps lead the way forward, informing and inspiring readers to recognize the wild spirit and splendor of this irreplaceable part of the planet. – California Academy of Sciences Michael Forsberg is a Nebraska native and has focused much of his work in North America’s Great Plains, once one of the greatest grassland ecosystems on Earth. His goal has been to try to capture the wild spirit that still survives in these wide-open spaces and put a face to the often overlooked native creatures and landscapes found there. His hope is that the images can build appreciation and go to work to inspire conservation efforts on the land far into the future. Forsberg received a degree in geography with an emphasis in environmental studies from the University of Nebraska, and worked briefly as a seasonal ranger in the National Park Service before accepting a job as a staff photographer and writer


  1. MisterPeetBull says:

    This is not Chris Hansen

  2. boneug says:

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  3. gnortznitz says:

    I want one!

  4. FischerPhotography says:

    So how does the battery last? Do you have to continuously change it or is there a solar panel? Great shots BTW.

  5. lee3nfi3ld460 says:

    sooo….he didnt really take the picture of the cat he jsut set up a camera and left…that dosent seem skilful to me

  6. Vesimies82 says:

    Michael Forsberg is the Chris Hansen for wildlife predators. Wolf, i have the chatlog. You talk about eating them, scratching them with your claws. Explain that to me.

  7. LCampoy8 says:

    i dont see chris hanson…

  8. Lit0z1 says:

    Felines are curious and alert and can hear very well so if the camera makes the slightest sound before snapping the picture the cat will look

  9. MrsRoadRunner2000 says:

    Cool. Amazing the gadgets out these days to capture such things as wildlife.

  10. sabeethaful says:

    naneedj.info i love to cook and i have two son

  11. starthi says:

    so Bisons r predators now? dumb ass!

  12. baddogonline says:

    Good job! You could have placed an audible “injured jackrabbit decoy” in the area, and you would have gotten the photo sooner…

  13. TheLonelyImmortal says:

    I hope that these photos don’t give people the impression that since these animals exist, they don’t need to have extreme measures taken to keep them alive and to save their habitat. I hope they don’t give people a sense of complacency.

  14. amphilli says:

    These aren’t predators…None of em have a sixer of Mikes Hard Lemonade.

  15. Shalek says:

    @tommyk77 Oh you didn’.

  16. Tait011 says:


    prob because the camera makes a noise when about to take a picture,
    maybe. i mean im not being patronizing i just thought you didnt know why they were..

  17. Tait011 says:


    AAaaah ah hahaha.

  18. tommyk77 says:

    The photographer should just have gone up to the predators and said:

    “Why don’t you take a seat, right over there”

    (Please someone get this joke!)

  19. juggep80 says:

    Makes perfect sense that humans and cats have common ancestors. We are very much alike in some respects despite millions of years of evolution on separate tracks.

  20. ndyt says:

    funny how they are all looking at the camera

  21. buckfushes says:

    A bobcat scared the shit out of me while I was out and about near rawlins, wyoming.

  22. planetdarwin says:

    we have enough photos of those animals. it’s clear by now that people generally don’t care enough about wilderness to stop the cycle of consumption so i’d just as soon stop quenching the population’s thirst for faux-nature experiences. if you wanna go see a wolf, go hiking. no more photo books and tv shows.

  23. LionEatingMan says:

    Wow, he managed to take a photograph of those dangerous predatory bison!

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