View the clip and then go to www.southafricandvds to access the entire documentary….. Packed with fascinating visuals of the rich traditions of Zulu culture, this video take the viewer into the heart of Zululand where archaeological diggings show a heritage extending back into the iron-age and where ancient traditions are still practised in cultural villages. Experience the excitement of the energetic Zulu traditional dancing-Ngoma-once used to consolidate Zulu impis into a formidable force in preparation for battle. www.satvchannel.com
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Eritrea Travel: Filfil Solomona, Eritreas green beltway. Asmara, Africa’s Beautiful Modernist City. Massawa, Pearl of the Red Sea. Eritrea is located in NE. Africa. (Africa Travel)


  1. skatebottlez says:

    good documentary

  2. AbiyuRX says:

    Learn what a steam engine is first.

  3. wedebatna says:

    indeed breath taking,that i call promise land!!!

  4. kassalawi39 says:

    @Rolsberga kan du titta på detta och berätta för mig skillnaden mellan asmarina och aids Abeba? inga kränkande ord accepteras.!

  5. ThePodarek says:

    Beautiful!..This may be the location called as the land of God (land of Punt) by the ancient Egyptians, and heyy..:) it is in my beloved country..I know the sound track @5:06 btw, it is Yanni’s “A love for life”. tnx for sharing!

  6. kiliawta says:

    wow this ia amazimng i thought i will see this in congo or amazon, boy was i wrong, it is in the great nation of my ancectors called Eritrea. viva the land of warsay, for the next 10 years and beyond my nation will have 11% minimum growth . long live our martyrs

  7. 1welwel says:

    Thanks Asmarino5 for everything we are grateful for your time & energy we are addicted for your medicine so keep the supply flowing,which is the good stuff what we call ERITREAN FLAVER from the motherland. Nothing but organic.

  8. samuelx41 says:

    somebody should really re engineer that train (too much smoke)

  9. 22734127341273412734 says:

    OH my contry is sooo beatifuul DAAMMN !!!

  10. simi118 says:

    i want to go there, it is beauitful.

  11. Ambra1999 says:

    Dicevo GRANDE a Alformaio ma rispondevo a 4687291 e ti dico spero che non tornerai, uno come te meglio perderlo che averlo.

  12. Ambra1999 says:

    Grande!! Proprio noi eritei una buona parte che viviamo a terra degli altri e tutti che sognano di uscire dal eritrea ti vengono a dire Terra Nostra! Chi ha detto che non è terra nostra. Non hanno idea cosa vole dire turismo….. Comunque purtroppo i porci ci sono da per tutto.

  13. asmarino24 says:

    fuck u

  14. asmarino24 says:

    shutt ur mouth agame

  15. Alformaio says:

    Bè! Basta Chiedere permesso. L’Eritrea è di tutti! Anche dei Porchi!

  16. 4687291 says:

    Dio Porco Ritorneremo ! e’ terra NOSTRA !

  17. shekorina says:

    been there
    done that
    :D:D it was great
    really want to go back

  18. nowhere8 says:

    Wow!!! I’m going!

  19. ibs1845 says:

    democracy justice and equality.
    No to dectatorship

  20. ferdosaa says:

    60 years of misery
    we demand democracy and rule of law NOW

  21. wediEr1 says:

    stop fooling yourselves

  22. wediEr1 says:

    are you the real Isaias afewerki

  23. wediEr1 says:


  24. ibrahimbeshir84 says:

    i love this video proud 2 be Eritrean…thank u Asmarino 4 posting this vid

  25. ripball22 says:

    I was there last year. It is a breath taking place. We stopped by the road side for a while we watched colorful birds singing… I hope to vist again.

  26. LijamGerrie says:

    TTTANTO, With great brothers & sisters like you on my side, there’s no way I could go any other way, but, try to be as great as you & all my people.
    Thanks for the compliment.

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