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I want to raise money for a trip to Africa?

Question by ****brownskincutie****: I want to raise money for a trip to Africa?
My school and church is taking a trip to Africa, for many positive reasons and i really want to go but it cost $ 3000.00. Can anyone tell me ways on how to raise this money by Febuary 2007?

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Answer by rohan_j4u2003
im also goin 2 a trip 2 africa.. esp south africa by d end of july

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An Online Visit to Africa (Internet Field Trips) Reviews

An Online Visit to Africa (Internet Field Trips)

An online trip to various Internet web sites reveals a variety of facts about the continent of Africa.

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Advice from realtor


Guest post written by my buddy Aldo Mays

Before we bought our new house, our realtor gave us plenty of advice. We had been looking for a house in an area that would be good to raise a family. So our realtor was the first person we got advice from. She directed us to a fantastic area. Our first priority was to move into an area that had a great school system. And we ended up finding a house a half mile away from award winning primary and secondary schools. Our realtor advised us to look at deregulation when we were setting up our utilities. She also told us where to go to find a community sports park where our children could participate in swimming, soccer, baseball, and even horseback riding. I was really impressed at everything this new community had to offer. We visited a few churches in the area as well that had been suggested to us by our realtor. And, we found a church that matched everything we wanted in a place to worship. So I would say that working with our realtor turned out to be a very good and valuable experience.

Wildlife Photography Reviews

Wildlife Photography

Photographer and environmentalist Uwe Skrzypczak wrote this book with several goals in mind–to teach the technical aspects and the workflow of digital wildlife photography; to show the beauty of East Africa and his beloved Serengeti National Park and to educate about its habitat; and to provide a guide for the photographer who is planning to go on an African photo safari and wants to be prepared to capture the finest possible images.Beginning with digital photography techniques and workflow, Sk

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Travel Africa – Wildlife & Landscape

African Wildlife & Landscape: See Elephants Lions and Leopards, Hyenas as well as a beautiful African landscape. Savanna, Desert and the vivid area around the Victoria Falls! Enjoy If you like it, please subscribe it ツMusic: “Tafi Maradi,Whimsy Groove,At The Shore” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0″
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Double Vantities

A double vanity is absolutely perfect for a large bathroom or bathrooms that see lots of traffic from several. Because they feature ample countertop space, and plenty of under-the-sink cabinet storage space, they have become almost a requirement for bathroom upgrades. They are also great for helping reduce clutter in the bathroom. With a double bathroom vanity, organizing your toiletries and other bathroom products is a breeze.

Elena’s Safari Adventure – Pt I -The Serengeti Photos!

I created this slideshow with photos taken by my friend Elena Cupingood on her recent African Safari in December 2010. Please note: there is one photo of zebra sex so it may not be kid friendly.
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Wildlife Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots

Wildlife Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots

This is the eBook version of the printed book. In Wildlife Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots, author and wildlife photographer Laurie Excell shows you how to get the best shots of birds, bears, and bugs–whether you’re on safari, on vacation, or on a nature walk around your own backyard.   Beautifully illustrated with large, vibrant photos, this book teaches you how to take control of your photography to get the wildlife photo you want every time you pick up the camera.

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Safari Photo Africa: Wild Earth

Safari Photo Africa: Wild Earth – Więcej informacji znajdziesz na:
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Beginning with digital photography techniques and workflow, Skrczypczak draws upon his own vast experience in wildlife photography to teach about the equipment, the pros and cons of camera types and lenses, and the specific requirements for this demanding task. Also covered are appropriate techniques for exposure and autofocus-the latter being one of the major challenges in wildlife photography. He discusses an “on the road” workflow, the logistics of transporting your gear, and image editing. The book goes on to cover the practical aspects of wildlife photography, from shooting animal portraits to panning the camera in order to capture that speeding leopard. Example images are accompanied by a small set of pictograms showing which techniques are ideal for capturing the specific situation. Loaded with hundreds of breathtaking images, this comprehensive textbook is perfect for the beginning wildlife photographer as well as the seasoned pro. Whether your subject is African wildlife or bird photography in the Arctic Circle, Uwe Skrczypczak’s Wildlife Photography will teach you the fundamental concepts and techniques that can be applied to all forms of wildlife photography. Here is the book

Q&A: How to set iPod Touch Safari so that my children cannot erase their internet history?

Question by newcreaturem: How to set iPod Touch Safari so that my children cannot erase their internet history?
How to set iPod Touch Safari so that my children cannot erase their internet history? I want them to be able to use it, but I want to be able to follow up and be sure that they are staying out of trouble.

Can you help? Thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by Cory M.
As of now there is no way that you can do that without jail-breaking your Ipod touch. I would not jailbreak it if i were you either because if you ever want to get it fixed, no apple dealership will fix it if it was jailbroken. The only thing that you can do is lock safari but that prevents the user from accessing it.

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