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Where can I find a civil engineer who wants to travel to Africa?

Question by : Where can I find a civil engineer who wants to travel to Africa?
Im looking for someone who has experience in concrete mix design, and wants to travel to east Africa.Whats a good website for reviewing resume’s.

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Answer by redbeardthegiant, monster, et al

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how can I rasie money for a trip to Africa?

Question by Erinnnn :) : how can I rasie money for a trip to Africa?
I want to go to Africa in July which is 6 months away.
the trip is 3500 and I am not allowed to send support letters!
Any siples things you can think of?

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Answer by Lord Infamous ♥ Penguins ¤FC¤
grants, scholarships

otherwise join the peace corps

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Chairlift – “Sidewalk Safari” [Live Take 11/11/11]

Video by Eric Epstein and Caroline Polachek Audio production and mixing by Patrick Wimberly Engineered by Alby Cohen, assisted by Chris Pummill Recorded at Rough Magic Studios, Brooklyn, NY Text design by Alejandro Cardenas – Drums: Jamie Ingalls Guitar: Kurt Feldman Synth: Caroline Polachek Bass: Patrick Wimberly Animated with Trapcode Horizon Special thanks to mssngpeces From the album: SOMETHING, out 1/24/12
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Music video by Mokobe feat. Viviane Ndour performing Safari. (C) 2007 SBME France SAS

Africa Map Educational Placemat

Africa Map Educational Placemat

  • Learning Placemat
  • M. Ruskin
  • Activity Area on Reverse

Map Placemat gives beautiful color and details (countries, cities, rivers, capitals, etc.) on front. Reverse has no names, but shows * for capitals. Learning Placemats. Laminated . 12 x 17.5 inch. Study on one side and practice on the other. Use erasable markers on reverse side. Washable for fun and practice.

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Super Drink


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The twelve year old company that markets Nopalea has sold over three million bottles so far so why not give it a try and see if it works for you? By calling them at 1-800-203-7063, you can get a free bottle for the cost of $9.95 for shipping and handling. Feel free to visit their site for more details. I was very impressed with the site when I visited and am intrigued to find out more about this amazing drink.

Nature & Wildlife Photography Tips – Florian Schulz on Nature Photos Nature and wildlife photographer Florian Schulz joins us today on the Marc Silber Show – Advancing Your Photography! Florian shares some amazing wildlife photography tips and tricks for taking stunning landscape photos. As with all photography, Florian says you need to get to know your subjects — in this case, the natural lighting, landscape, and wildlife of the scene you’re shooting. He loves taking pictures of entire ecosystems at different times of the day and year, and emerses himself in the natural world. Even though so much is out of your control when it comes to nature photography, you can still work with lighting and composition by choosing when to shoot and where to position yourself in a scene. Florian Schulz was named Conservation Photographer of the Year by the National Wildlife Federation and Nature’s Best, and has had his photos featured in the Natural History Museum in New York and several other recognized museums. His passion for photography comes from the mix of adventure and experience of the world he gets each time he goes out and shoots!

Lewis N. Clark Grounded South Africa Adatper Plug, One Size

Lewis N. Clark Grounded South Africa Adatper Plug, One Size

  • Abs Plastic, Steel
  • Note: adapter plugs allow you to fit your travel appliances into foreign outlets. they do not convert electricity.
  • Made In China
  • China

3-Pin plug for use in most parts of South Africa. Universal receptacle accepts most plug shapes. IMPORTANT: Adapter plugs allow travel appliances to fit into foreign outlets. They do not convert electricity. NOTE: Some countries use more than one type of outlet configuration. It is always best to check with your travel agent, consulate or hotel for the most accurate information regarding the electricity and outlet configuration of your destination.

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Metro Gallery

Metro Gallery

  • Use a Windows Phone 7 style interface
  • Manipulate photos with gesture recognition
  • Set panoramic wallpapers from your images

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Q&A: What camera should I purchase for my upcoming safari?

Question by Max F: What camera should I purchase for my upcoming safari?
I’m going to eastern Africa on March 19 and am looking for a good camera to take on my safari. I have no experience with photography, however am willing to put in some time to learn how to use a quality camera if it is necessary. I’m a 20 year old student at a university so I can learn and pick things up relatively quickly. My budget is about $ 1000. Again, the main purpose for this camera is to take pictures of animals on a safari. I’ve done a little research comparing ultra zoom cameras with dslr cameras, so I understand some of the lingo, but I’m definitely still a beginner and having trouble making a decision. Any help would be greatly appreciated and if you guys have any suggestions on what features to look for or even specific cameras and accessories that you think I could use that would be great. The more specific the better!

Best answer:

Answer by EE dude
The ultra zoom variety of camera are convenient and reasonably compact, making them less cumbersome to carry around. A DSLR will give you the ability to use multiple lenses aimed more at your specific need, as well as offer a vastly superior image quality. Some of the higher power lenses used by professional wildlife photographers can run thousands of dollars each, but that is outside the scope of your needs. I personally shoot with the Nikon D90 and find it to be a camera of excellent quality. If I were going on your trip, I’d take my D90 with my 70-300mm G series lens. The lens will give good reach without the outrageous price tag of a more pro-grade lens. You probably still won’t be able to get close enough for some subjects, but any shortcoming will be offset by your ability to enlarge the image due to the higher quality sensor.

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Yelle – Safari Disco Club

Music video by Yelle performing Safari Disco Club. (C) 2011 Recreation Center under exclusive license to V2 Records International Ltd. T/A Cooperative Music
Video Rating: 4 / 5