Chairlift – “Sidewalk Safari” [Live Take 11/11/11]

Video by Eric Epstein and Caroline Polachek Audio production and mixing by Patrick Wimberly Engineered by Alby Cohen, assisted by Chris Pummill Recorded at Rough Magic Studios, Brooklyn, NY Text design by Alejandro Cardenas – Drums: Jamie Ingalls Guitar: Kurt Feldman Synth: Caroline Polachek Bass: Patrick Wimberly Animated with Trapcode Horizon Special thanks to mssngpeces From the album: SOMETHING, out 1/24/12
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Music video by Mokobe feat. Viviane Ndour performing Safari. (C) 2007 SBME France SAS


  1. Mick Chrysalid says:

    Better than boss. The video creeps me out. My brains strained!

  2. hojdog says:

    This is cool, loved the sound of the synth and the guitars, great!

  3. GPflashclass says:

    When did the Police get a female vocalist?

  4. onthe1drop says:

    Patrick Nagel!

  5. tonypucci says:

    Squier Bronco Bass in Torino Red!

  6. TheFenderP says:

    what bass does patrick wimberly play? I really love it! :)

  7. SECZEPHYRUS says:

    omg, this is just like Enter the Void!!!

  8. smokefire000 says:

    holy shit…

  9. alaskannarwhal says:

    they keep impressing me more and more… and that video was stellar, nice work to those folks

  10. KimiTazi says:

    her voice is so lovely c:

  11. Dhuennufer says:

    She surely is an experienced keyboard player (and composes most of the band’s music too as far as I know), but on stage I like her even better when she leaves the keyboard to someone else because without the instrument she has the freedom to dance which makes her stage presence even more amazing.

  12. marcorodd says:

    Oh cara, esse som e demais.

  13. dumbdrummer401 says:

    This song is exactly one spliff long.

  14. togapartyfoo says:

    Is she wearing a upside down cross? It’s killing me that I can’t make out what it is lol

  15. gpan83 says:

    @wolfy9005 yeah I probably didn’t put that to well Wolfy. The sound is not exactly created by her, and I realize it’s synthesized obviously, but it’s still very unique and original.

  16. wolfy9005 says:

    You can get the sound out of any off the shelf keyboard with synth, lol. For less than $600.

  17. gpan83 says:

    Saw them at Laneway in Melbourne recently, like most things out of New York City, they are quality. Her vocals are off tap, and the sound she gets out of the keyboard is fucking unbelievable. ‘In ya dir-ec-shon!’ Fuck yeah, run em down girl!!

  18. teigaga7 says:

    I think its quality, but only around 4/5 songs truley appeal to my taste. This is one of them

  19. MrSyabuSyabu says:

    the new album is so amazing. the best band ever!

  20. saltemann says:

    oh man shes amazin

  21. emilygabriele321 says:

    What does everyone think of their album “Something” that came out on 1/24….?

  22. kitcatsmith says:

    i love their new album, and everything about this recording is perfect <3

  23. tsrun527 says:

    whoever disliked this, you should be hunt down and run over.

  24. adamleonardbelz says:

    Sold. See you in MPLS on March 31.

  25. Dhuennufer says:

    She actually sounds as beautiful as she looks. And that vocal range! She can hit very low notes and very high notes too. This must be pretty hard work for her vocal chords, and I hope for her voice to remain this good in years to come.

  26. awananaable says:

    vivian is bouba ndour’s ex wife, the brother of youssou ndour ;)

  27. MrKasole says:

    “Bienvenue en Afrique ! N’aies pas peur … Prends Ma Main! On va te montrer l’Afrique :-) <3 ” :-) N’ayez pas peur !!! Vous savez pas ce que vous ratez ! Éteignez la télé et venez en Afrique ! Much Love ;-)

  28. Dieziseisonze says:

    hijos de la madre Africa , one love , one life ( Divan La perrera Madrid City )

  29. majesticTchi says:

    @listeningears100: Viviane Ndour was married to Youssou N’Dour’s brother, they got divorced, then remarried in 2010, and redivorced in 2011. Her Name is Viviane Chidid, a half-breed ( lebanese and Senegalese)

  30. bombusa11 says:

    ufff here voice its so niceee
    perfekt song

  31. bombusa11 says:

    black queen she is so nice woman ufff

  32. cuahtelmoc says:

    L’Afrique est dans la place!

  33. rithujagann says:

    sorry she was married to his brother :P
    my mistake

  34. rithujagann says:

    I believe Viviane N’Dour was married to Youssou N’Dour’s son and then they got divorced? :P

  35. listeningears100 says:

    Hey can I ask you guys… Is Viviane N’Dour daughter of the legendary Youssou N’Dour? Or maybe his sister? Not really important but I’m just curious to know if anybody knows :). Thank you.

  36. SelfEducatedMedia says:

    this track is nice but check out T-Money – GTO….. hot track and video

  37. FrenchDayana says:

    Toi tu raconte vraiment n’importe quoi ! Primo, être noir ce n’est pas être cramé sauf qu’on est un petit facho qui a besoin de rabaisser les autres pour se mettre en valeur.2/ Les ethiopiens,soudanais et ethiopien ne descendent pas des peuls. 3/Non, tous les peuls n’ont pas la peau claire et les cheveux lisses, ce serait comme dire ts les français ont les yeux bleux. Je pense que tu devrais te limiter à parler uniquement de ton pays, ce serait mieux !

  38. SADamaza1596 says:


  39. ElAmirAbdelKader says:

    @starima19 wesh boy!? ta le seum de voir les autres fair leurs bail boy? aller retourne te branler sur les videos de Barney Stinson…et arrete de parler comme nous les kainf…t’en ai pas un et je le sai car ta chaine youtube t’a trahi…BOLLOSS

  40. naima196507 says:

    mon révé c est d aller labas hummmm

  41. Linsurg says:


  42. vevodu80 says:

    et viviane tres jolie!! bne continuation!

  43. vevodu80 says:

    +++1 for the winner

  44. vevodu80 says:

    on te surkiff ici a marseille t le boss bravo et continu a representer

  45. vevodu80 says:

    yes mokobe pissanci , beau melange de voix!

  46. mlletheodora says:

    vivement le 24 octobre tn new album oulalaaaaaaaaa

  47. mlletheodora says:

    tu es un exemple pr nous tous on tadmire!

  48. mlletheodora says:

    bravooooooooooo mokobe

  49. MegaFrancois78 says:

    on tador t’es le meilleur!!!

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