My Trip to Africa: Addis ababa, and Gambella Ethiopia

Africa trip from us, addis ababa, gambella
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  1. pedi007 says:

    despite the political, economical and other ethnic problems, Africa is a beautiful continent.

  2. kinkos20342 says:

    lock yo have fun

  3. Zabatsion says:

    after watching how that poor littel tree cut down , i thought that- the titel of this video should be called going from chicago and contributing to the desertfication of africa

  4. N113r says:

    yapp that tree were growing in the wrong place it must be cut down…we saw a lady cutting it so we figured that tree must’ve really grown at the wrong place so we helped…LOL

  5. dmruon says:


  6. Zabatsion says:

    people go and plant trees you guys go and cut trees

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