What is the difference between Safari and Firefox?

Question by amy(:♥: What is the difference between Safari and Firefox?
It really bothers me that I can’t use some websites with Safari. For example, when I go to my school website and I click on my teachers’ websites, it says I have to use Firefox. Why is that? But the Macs at school is not like that. I can use Safari for any website at school. Do I have to download a newer Safari?

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Answer by Colin Garrard
Firefox is much superior.

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  1. Bill says:

    Both are shitty use google chrome, Fastest internet browser on the web.

  2. Fajner1 says:

    Firefox is FOSS, Safari is closed-source. Guess which one has the bugs and spyware?

  3. Snow says:

    You can try updating Safari and see if it helps. Some websites aren’t tested/designed for all common browsers, so there can be compatibility problems. If you run into an incompatible site, chances are high that Firefox works.

    If you can’t get Safari to to show certain websites, try keeping Firefox as a backup browser.

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