Planning a trip to South Africa, where do you recommend?

Question by Moe: Planning a trip to South Africa, where do you recommend?
I would like to take a trip to South Africa, maybe early April this year. I would like to know what cities to visit and what places to go to. I would like my trip to be more on the exploration side than shopping. How many days will I need to stay in South Africa to cover most of the exploration. What are best places to stay at? Not too cheap but not too expensive either.

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Answer by John
Go some where else best option the rebels will control parts of south Africa by June watch the nrws

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  1. Eshlin Vedan says:

    Its a great country to visit, we have arguably the best nature system in the world. Make sure that you visit the following places.
    - Durban
    beaches surrounding
    Only spend a few days here, honestly it has a pretty high crime rate.
    - Drakensberg mountains
    beautiful place, its safe there, I enjoy visiting there especially with family.
    - Gateway shopping theature.
    Its near Durban, if im not mistaken, it is the largest shopping complex in Africa.
    - Cape Town
    Spend majority of your vacation there, it is the best city in the country in my opinion and it is safe.
    - Kruger National Park
    Its in Mpumulanga, go there its the biggest game reserve in South Africa, if you are lucky you will get to see the big five.


  2. Curious Cat says:

    Where you go depends how long you will be here and also your budget. To see most things I would think that you need at least two weeks.

    There are plenty of places to stay to suit all pockets. You should look on the internet or contact a travel agency once you get here.

    I would definitely do Cape Town, Table mountain, Kirstenbosch gardens and all the nature reserves around the Cape. That could take 4 – 5 days. I would spend at least a week there.

    The Drakensberg mountains are also nice. Maybe two days there.

    The Kruger National Park is good for wild life. It can be expensive though. Only a day.

    If you don’t want to go to the Kruger park I would recommend some of the game reserves in northern Kwa Zulu Natal and a trip to St Lucia on the KZN north coast. 2 or 3 days.

    Apart from Cape Town the cities are mostly boring and run down and I would want to visit any of them except Cape Town. Durban has nice beaches but has lots of crime. Johannesburg is worth a short visit if you haven’t been there before, a day ot two at the most.

  3. Saskia D says:

    Stellenbosch is a must! Wine tasting!
    There are lots of Protea Hotels that are great places to stay at. As well as several Bed and Breakfast’s in the heart of Stellenbosch.
    Cape Town in great, especially the V & A Waterfront. You can go on a boat tour, which is always fun. There’s Table Mountain, the Stadium, the Nelson Mandela museum, the museum of ancient history. In Cape Town there’s also Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden, which is outstandingly beautiful. Game Parks that are affordable and very enjoyable include: Karoo National Park, Kruger National Park, Kagalagadi National Park (just next to the Namibian border). Also Augrabies National Falls and the Tsitsikama Rainforest are great places.
    These areas are also less crime orientated and usually have pretty good weather. But if you are worried about crime, I would suggest you be careful when using the train (rather go by taxi. they may be really cramped, but they’re safest.), and when you go into a craft market, keep your belongings close!!

    It’s a really great country! You’ll love it!
    For more information;

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