Why would an American travel to Egypt or Africa in this day and age?

Question by Red Sox 27149: Why would an American travel to Egypt or Africa in this day and age?
Michel Louis, Haitian no doubt. Africans and Arabs do not like White Americans why would they like blacks. Jessie is dealing with a sick son. Fat Al is not going to Egypt. I am black and i would never travel to Africa. One might as well go to a Zoo.

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Answer by Anonymous
For the historic monuments.

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  1. Libraryanna says:

    Wow, are you ignorant. First, Africa is NOT a country, even though your buddy Palin thinks it is. It’s 53 different countries and most of them like Americans and it’s just fine to go there.

    I doubt you are black. I think you are just another racist turd spewing crap.

    My entire extended family has been to Africa (except me and my son) and my daughter has been to Morocco repeatedly.

    Get your head out of your butt and get an education. Start with looking at map.

    And quit lying about your race.

  2. † PRAY † says:

    Too meet an early death is the only thing I can think of.
    A very dangerous place to visit especially as an American..

  3. seeker says:

    Seriously, why the hell would anybody want to go to Egypt( Though if you are talking about the tourist area known as Sharm El Sheik it is not technically Egypt ) Went twice, did not like the first time. Now you may well ask why did we go back a second time, well we wanted to see the pyramids. Jesus what a waste of a fabulous asset. Dirty disgusting place especially when you consider that they are not a 3rd world country as far as civilisation goes

  4. Thomas Howard says:

    A dumb ass question from a dumb ass no doubt,get a education and stop being a sissy.

  5. QuiteNewHere says:

    To see the world no doubt.
    Despite the ignorance of many people, there are individuals who maintain an impartial view of the planet , and these people go through life untouched by the squabbles of the inhabitants. Their sole purpose in going to these places you mentioned is to learn. Learn about the land, its history its culture. They want to meet the people there and see for themselves the historical monuments of its past, to set foot on its soil and to say for themselves.

    I have been there, I have seen it. I have been to the land of Egypt the cradle of Western civilization
    I have been to AFrica, misunderstood through the years, yes I have walked there, breathed the air there.

    What is wrong with that? Learning for the sake of learning is NORMAL behavior

  6. Sasha G says:

    for history, to see the pyramids, valley of the kings etc, and depends which part of africa , could be safari or south africa. why not?

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