Q&A: How can I get web icons on my desktop to link to Safari and not Firefox?

Question by James W: How can I get web icons on my desktop to link to Safari and not Firefox?
On my desktop it has links to my favorite websites. When I open them up they open to Firefox and not Safari web browser. The thing I set Safari is my default internet browser on ‘Program Access and Defaults’ and Firefox is just another one I use.
So WHY is it opening them in Firefox and not my default web browser Safari. How can I change this?
:l no Safari IS my default internet browser! I just can’t understand why website icons on my desktop are opening in Firefox when they should be opening in Safari. How can I change them to open the website in Safari?

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Answer by CogitoErgoCogitoSum
Change your default web browser… its in your internet options, I believe

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  1. Roger K says:

    Right click on the shortcut, then select Properties from the menu that pops up. Click on the Shortcut tab, if it isn’t already pointing to that one.

    Look at the start of the “target” field. It will contain the path to your Safari browser, probably in quotation marks. Delete that path and enter the path to Firefox – which will probably be something like:
    “C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe”

    Click on OK to close the property box then try it out from the desktop.

    You may also want to change the “Start in” path to point to the same one in which firefox resides.

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