How are Muslim men in Africa supposed to act when they see naked tribal ladies?

Question by Diaber on my head: How are Muslim men in Africa supposed to act when they see naked tribal ladies?
It’s haram to look at naked women but in some parts of Africa a lot of women run around topless and they see nothing wrong with it. To them it’s another body part like a hand or a foot.

Do the Muslims respect their culture?
Please no rude answers. Allah (swt) bless you.

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Answer by فاطمة
They are meant to lower their gaze

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  1. Sina says:

    Idk but I would not look cause I do not find black skin sexy

    If there were to run like that where I live I highly doubt that I’ll lower my gaze even when I m suppose to do that

  2. New York Believer says:

    If Muslim men are faced with that, then either they are accustomed to it and don’t get turned on, or they lower their gaze as to not get turned on. The Quran is very clear in this matter.
    “Tell the believing men to lower their gaze and guard their modesty”.

    The African women who see no problem with it probably have not been given a Quran for them to understand. And according to the Quran, no one who was not given the message should be punished. If they received the message and continued to turn away and not cover their bosoms, they cannot say they weren’t warned.

    As to the answerer above- do not judge a way of life by actions of people.

  3. Frozen Water says:


    we do not respect shaytan! lol. what do you mean respect? we denounce evil and stay away from it inshaAllah

  4. Mr. Know-it-All says:

    Ok. Presently in Africa is not all about the latest tree you have and what leaves are wearing… Majority of us are civilized. Those natives that appear nude are in the remotest part of the jungles and it is really kind of hard to find them.

    But as a Muslim, if you come across them, you lower your gaze, great the chief and simply pass. But if you really have the means to do so, you can influence them to change their life.

    But I tell you, that job will make climbing Mt. Everest much easier.


    But today it is not really natives that poses threat to Muslims. The greater percentage of humans run around almost naked. They are the ones that should worry us more.


  5. Ates says:

    I will behave as a Muslim.

  6. Can you see my Halo says:

    Women in Islamic parts of Africa wear a hi jab and cover up. Most of north, west and east africa are muslim If you didn’t know already. Oh and to let you know 99% of African women in general don’t go topless, and the ones that do are mostly village people. If the men are in a place where they see a few women topless they shouldn’t look. Im from Somalia and we are 100% Muslim and I’ve never seen a women that didn’t cover herself.

  7. North says:


    Only tribes do that, and they tend not to mix with the mainstream in towns cities most cities have laws against nudity

    widen ur horizon

  8. majeed3245 says:

    Most of the African tribes whose women remain naked are not Muslim tribes. They have their own African culture. I don’t know what is name of their religion. They have their own very strict rules in society.
    Any one who violate their rules gets kicked out of tribe. He can neve return back to the tribe. Since every woman is naked, looking at their body doesn’t excite their men.

  9. Cas says:

    Normally, muslim men would chop their heads off for being who they are.

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