One Direction Ghana Africa Trip For Comic Relief – Harry & Liam Crying in Hospital – 23 Feb 2013

One Direction Ghana Trip For Comic Relief – Harry & Liam Crying in Hospital – 23 February 2013 Slideshow / No Audio Harry Styles breaks down in tears on Comi…
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  1. bowhairstyles says:

    All those people criticising this…shush coz at least they had the decency to face those poor poor mothers and babies, unlike you! These are good people and they helped so back off

  2. jibbleliciousd00 says:

    why are they useing sick children to get more famous? this is sick, damn publicity stunt…

  3. LogicalStatements3 says:

    It is a charity that has been going for 20 + years.
    I am 24 so I have literally grown up with it.
    It aids people who need help In Africa and the UK ……… It is called comic relief because comedy is used to raise money for those in need (not* just comedy , others break world records and do all sorts)
    Google is your friend ya know, google it.

  4. Ariana Rojas says:

    What is comic relief??

  5. rhyangault8502 says:

    Its upsetting

  6. rhyangault8502 says:

    That is wrong

  7. April Conway says:

    After spending 5 years in Western Africa, yes some of that in Ghana, this screams publicity stunt to me. Crying over babies doesn’t make them well. Go donate to Doctors without Borders, Red Cross if you want to make a difference. Support the Stomping Out Malaria Initiative. Go to “Nothing but nets” and donate cash for mosquito nets, the best ways to prevent malaria. Turn those tears into some cash. Those children don’t care you are crying for them. They ARE dying. Do something about it.

  8. paul w says:

    why dont they give some of there money to them mmmm no .

  9. ilovelucyfan22 says:

    also what is going on with harry’s hair???

  10. ilovelucyfan22 says:

    omg i cried my eyes out for those kids! i really wish i could donate but i am dead broke and or not aloud! ;,,,,,,,,,,,,c

  11. Haley C says:

    For the ridiculous people who continue to claim we cry because Liam and Harry are crying. Have you not watched the video? The children is what hurts us, the fact that the poor children could be saved for such a small price is just painful, not just because tears are in the boys eyes.

  12. Paola Sierra says:

    You cry because the boys cried,no for the kids in Africa.

  13. ninadeerul1702 says:

    it breaks my heart to this the babies…I been crying for 1 hour and I start to comment and im 12 for crying out load *sobbing*

  14. sary siasoco says:

    this breaks my heart so much seeing the babies

  15. Shannon Love says:

    Just seeing tears in Harry’s eyes make me cry

  16. sara norris says:

    Omg have tears in my eyes and I’m only (sniff) 10! :’(

  17. MeowItsCarly says:


  18. Hannah McShane says:

    Poor kids!! Brave one direction helping those brave and trooper kids<3 I love 1D so much

  19. amandatoler5432195 says:

    Poor little kids!:’( One Direction are so sweet!

  20. Hannah McShane says:


  21. catbricoville says:

    I am crying on the in side of this video

  22. markeisha horan says:


  23. Julcia275 says:

    is there a video to this ? 

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