Q&A: what is a good camera i could get for tumblr?

Question by FRENCH TOAST!1!: what is a good camera i could get for tumblr?
hey:) I got a tumblr a few weeks ago and i love it! the only problem is that the only pics i can take are from my ipod which is super low quality cuz my camera is wicked old and wont transfer to my computer. i need a relatively waterproof, easy – to – transfer photos camera…. any ideas??? i am really into photography so yeah. Thanks:) PS i would like a really good one, I can save up money for a long time if i need too. But relatively cheap would be nice, I am buying this for myself
Oh and if it helps I have the Dell Inspiron laptop…. please answer:)
im not saying that im really good. It’s just for fun. U don’t have to be so negative

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Answer by Camilo
eeer u need an apple mac for tumblr

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  1. fhotoace says:

    The least expensive waterproof camera would be the Nikon Coolpix S30, about $ 120. It is also shockproof.

    Usually what a person does is learn how to be a great photographer before showing any of their work to the world.

    The better question is how good do your images have to before sharing them with others. Usually it can take four or five years before someone with no experience starts producing images that are of high enough quality, both technically and creatively to show anyone.

    If you start out shooting snapshots, you may want to limit your sharing to Facebook.

  2. Katelyn says:

    I really like Canon cameras. They have always lived up to expected and are very user-frendly

    here is a link to a simple canon camera


    Now, if you want a professional camera you should still go with Canon but it will be a bit more expensive but worth it!

    Here is a link to a good “cheaper” canon camera. This is the same type I started off with.


    Hope it helps!

  3. switchblades and infidelity says:

    I’m sorry, but you can’t possibly be ‘really into photography’ if you just want to take photos for tumblr. You sound like you don’t know anything about cameras at all… I wouldn’t suggest spending a lot of money on a camera if you’re just gonna be taking the type of photos I see floating around tumblr. Especially if you’re just gonna drop it when the next thing comes around.

    Btw, if your camera has a memory card you shouldn’t be having a problem transferring photos to your computer. You might need a card reader, but it should definitely work. Unless it’s a film camera, obviously…

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