What is the best way to catch a pokemon in the Safari Zone?

Question by : What is the best way to catch a pokemon in the Safari Zone?
Just found a shiny heracross in the Pokemon Ruby Safari zone, and I really want to catch it. I don’t want to fail to catch it like I did with a shiny venomoth in LeafGreen.

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sneak up behind it, hit it in the back of the head with a club and bag that sommabiich

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  1. Admiral Ackbar says:

    Either savestate (if you’re playing on an emulator), or try to throw mud (or rock, i really don’t remember) at it and cross your fingers and hope that the safari ball works.

    There’s no sure way to catch a pokemon found in the safari zone, especially since they flee after a couple of turns.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Try chucking tonnes of mud that lowers catch rate but stops it from fleeing as easily. Then, nab tonnes of Safari balls at it!

  3. x says:

    after you’ve thrown the pokeball, press l on the d pad when the ball rocks right, press r on the d pad when it rocks left and when the ball stops rocking, press down

  4. Coolguy says:

    Well I use select, select, B then down then A and hope it works.
    Some people use the method of rotating the control pad
    Some press A when the ball rocks
    Chuck a Pokeblock, maybe, and throw mud. It will make it easier to catch

  5. sdawg says:

    well the best thing that i do is give it a pokeblock and then catch it…try what i used to do hold down B and UP or DOWN that seemed to work

  6. Mr. L says:

    Throwing rocks/mud should make it easier to catch, but it increases its chance of running away, so be careful with that. Personally, I don’t think giving it food would help as much, since it lowers the Pokemon’s catch rate, and prevents it from running away, but for me, it runs away from me anyway. So as soon as you throw about two rocks/blobs of mud, start throwing some Safari Balls! Good luck, and I hope this helps!

  7. Brian T says:

    the bait will increase the chances of the pokemon not fleeing . and the rocks will increase the chance of the pokemon being caught.

  8. vulpix_foxfire_2000 says:

    Since the darn pokeblocks are a pain to make, I always just get closer ocne or twice and hope it dont run off then throw a few ballz

  9. May says:

    Before I answer – don’t walk around when looking for pokemon in a safari zone, it counts your steps not your time, instead of walking, just spin around on the spot, it still catches pokemon, but it doesn’t use up how long you can stay. Anyways, there are various techniques like holding down A while the ball rocks, etc, etc, but I find most of these don’t work, although it couldn’t hurt to try. I just feed it bait and then throw loads of safari balls until it’s caught, bait usually works for me more than mud/rocks.

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