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Safari in Kruger Park South Africa: A Photographer’s Safari

We had a great day in Kruger National Park, South Africa. This is a summary of all the action. Lots of lions and some great elephant encounters. You never know what you will see. The hienna with the kill was definately a highlight. Join my next guided photography safari and photography workshop in South Africa. www.AfricaWildSafaris.net
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2008 Photo Safari in Banff National Park

Camera tips and tricks on a nature and wildlife photography tour of Banff National Park.
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Photo Workshop with C4 Images and Safaris at Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana. C4 Images and Safaris provides photographic tours, safaris and workshops for the photographic enthusiasts. Improve your photography with C4 Images and Safaris.
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Which wildlife park for photography?

Question by : Which wildlife park for photography?
Which wildlife park am i more likely to get good wildlife shots- Whipsnade or Woburn Safari park? I have already been to Whipsnade but would Woburn be better? Thanks!

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Answer by Forlorn Hope
animals don’t tend to perform on command…

go for the one closest or cheapest…

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Wildlife Photography in Congaree National Park Part 1

Here I am on a wildlife shoot at Congaree.