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Wildlife Photography Tips – How to be in the right place at the right time with the equipment you need for beautiful wildlife photos Reviews

Wildlife Photography Tips – How to be in the right place at the right time with the equipment you need for beautiful wildlife photos

If you have always wanted to capture photographs of wildlife in their natural environment, but have never had the opportunity to venture much beyond your own backyard – this e-book was written just for you.

I’m about to show you exactly what to do to change from taking boring, every day photographs to taking high quality wildlife photographs that capture the energy of the moment in vivid detail – whether you’ve been an avid photographer all your life or have just started.

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Wildlife photography – what is the best type of camera?

Question by ocean14: Wildlife photography – what is the best type of camera?
I already have a Panasonic Lumix which is decent, but I am going to the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador for a biology trip in May. I am a wildlife/photography freak, and I was wondering if anyone knew a better camera that is more equipped and better suited to take wildlife snapshots? so I can get the best possible pictures on this once-in-a-lifetime trip? And help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :)

Best answer:

Answer by casperskitty
It would help to know how much you can spend. Go to dpreview:


You can go to buying guide and choose some models to look at side by side. To get the best out of your wildlife photography, you would be looking more for an SLR. These are for anyone from an enthusiast to a professional. They use interchangeable lenses. You can also hit one of the forums on dpreview, probably beginner’s questions:


since you don’t have a preference for brand. Tell them what you want to shoot and how much you can spend on the whole set-up to begin with. I am sure you will get great help there.

I have a 35mm Canon but I am switching to Sony. Sony has the alpha line which ranges from around $ 500-3000 for the camera body. You can use older a-mount Minolta lenses on the alphas.

For the Sony alpha line, if you go with just a body and one lens, I would go with the a700 and the 18-250mm lens. Right now you can get both for about $ 1450 total. The prices are supposed to go back to normal after the Christmas sales, so I would grab one before Christmas. This camera gets up to 5 frames per second (important for moving subjects such as wildlife) and the lens has an amazing range.

If you go with Canon or Nikon, I am pretty sure the 18-250 is availale for them too. The great thing about this lens is that on a camera with an asp-csensor it still has a wide angle of 27mm and on the telephoto end it is more like 375mm.

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what is the best nikon compatible lens for wildlife photography?

Question by Jim: what is the best nikon compatible lens for wildlife photography?
Hi I am an amateur photographer and I am looking for the best zoom lens for wildlife photography within my budget which is £400-700. I have looked at the new os sigma 150-500mm and think it is the best choice however i want to compare it to other before I make the decision to purchase. Thank you for your help!

Best answer:

Answer by AS
Every time I am working and need my camera repaired by a local technician, when I go in and ask him his or her opinion of lenses, I always get a thumbs up for Tamron and Tokina, and a thumbs down for Sigma. Understand that you get what you pay for. Sigma lenses may make some decent images, but there are downsides. The quality is not that great, the lens may front-focus or back-focus, the lens is built poorly, there is a lot of sample variation (so although a lens may have a decent design, Sigma doesn’t have the factory capability to produce it correctly every time on an assembly line. If you buy a Nikon lens, you can buy it and not worry. If you buy Sigma, you have to go to the store and try a few to make sure that you are getting a good sample), etc.

Your best choice is to get something like an older 300mm f/4. This lens quality will destroy anything that Sigma make.

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The Master Guide for Wildlife Photographers

The Master Guide for Wildlife Photographers

Detailing the knowledge required to obtain professional-quality wildlife photographs, this book outlines techniques usually reserved for hunters to get close to animals to produce intimate portraits of wildlife. Photographers learn the keys to success, metering for perfect exposures, and how to compose the perfect picture. The basic elements of wildlife photography are covered, including photographic equipment and information on the various species and their habits. Many wildlife photographs are

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Wildlife Photography: Stories from the Field (Lark Photography Book)

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What is a good lens for wildlife photography?

Question by : What is a good lens for wildlife photography?
I have a canon 500d and I really want a lens that can reach distances but is still sharp and not too expensive. I’m really into wildlife photography but I don’t have the right lens for my digital equipment.

Best answer:

Answer by ed
When shooting wildlife it’s important to get the biggest zoom you can afford. With the ability to zoom you can capture great shots without scaring the animals or putting yourself in danger of being attacked by more fierce creatures. Not sure what your budget is although I have found this 70-300mm lens in the link below to be pretty good!


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what camera lens is good for wildlife?

Question by : what camera lens is good for wildlife?
We are looking for a new DSLR – lens in anticipation of a safari trip to Kenya. But we are photography neophytes, and don’t know what to look for– simple to use, telephoto to see those animals!

Best answer:

Answer by Adam Dalton
Depending on which animals you would like to picture, macro lenses give a really nice effect but are for objects that are quiet close. If its a safari a zoom lens might be ideal so you can take pictures in better quality from slightly further away. Editing a photo on photoshop can also give you the impressive macro lens effect after you come back on your trip.
Both of these lenses are quiet expensive but i have them and they are well worth the investment if you are interested in photography. If not rentals is something to look into.

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Photographic Moment Episode 19 Wildlife Photography in South Carolina

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100 Ways to take better Nature & Wildlife Photographs Reviews

100 Ways to take better Nature & Wildlife Photographs

This guide is suitable for all levels of photographers, 100 Ways to Take Better Nature and Wildlife Photographs features 100 practical and inspiring tips on every aspect of the genre.Guy Edwardes’ breath-taking pictures accompany his eas-to-follow advice on a wide range of subjects from capturing the actions of large mammals to snapping wild birds and flowers in the garden.With tips on everything from technique to composition, coping with extreme field conditions to Photoshop software manipulati

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